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Massive surveillance of citizens, FBI and AG, feds and federal prosecutors out of control. but it’s unclear who the tyrant at the top is. They’re hiding behead a puppet, brain dead Biden, feeding him scripts and words to mouth, if he can even pronounce them. Who’s in charge? Usually the tyrant is an egomaniac, narcissist who wants his or her name broadcast everywhere, with statues for people to bow down too. Democracy ended as Democrats steal elections and try a power grab even of the Supreme Court.

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Seems a real patriot might know the status of US territories, the District of Columbia (hint:that’s not in South America) as well as the 50 States. But by all means, just concentrate on the red states & ignore everything else. I live just a couple dozen blocks outside the City of Buffalo, NY. During this Blizzard of December 2022, President Biden has been in touch with local leaders & offered aid. If he’s “absent on vacation” this is the first I’m hearing about it.

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So, whoever buys heroin or seeks something akin to it, something with which to get high, knows on some level that he or she might get something like fentanyl. Should they get punished? Should they get addiction counseling? Do we blame over prescription from doctors, from pharmacies? Should those who come over the border who often have nothing to do with drug trafficking be blamed? Who is to blame? Is it the teenager who “just wants to try it”? Is it the worker who seems to only be able to manage his pain with fentanyl? Is it President Biden’s fault that they’re addicts? Is it President Obama’s? How about pharmaceutical companies?