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The Border Patrol whiners state it is an “unofficial gag order”. Sounds more like grousing from those who are insubordinate and don’t respect the chain of command. If this is, as the Border Patrol whiners state, “unofficial” what is it? “Unofficial” orders don’t sound like something real, or even plausible. The Border Patrol is not a jobs program for self-entitled ingrates. If they have a problem they should take it to their superiors instead of whining and crying to the media. They can do their jobs or be fired. The chain of command exists for good reason. Get in line… or get out…. “We the people” would be better served without the whiners anyway. Time to clean up the Border Patrol.

He holds no office and never has. He and his father have widely acknowledged Hunter’s personal failings. His father has nonetheless stood behind his son. In the book of most normal people, that makes Joe Biden a loving father and honorable man. Perhaps that’s one more reason fuckwits on the right end of the political spectrum despise Joe Biden. It’s because this feature of his life further makes him personally unassailable. So, they keep trying to assail him by attacking his son, his son who lost his mother and his sister in a horrific automobile accident. Last I checked, simply being Joe Biden’s son doesn’t violate federal law. Also, if anyone had actual evidence of influence peddling or otherwise inappropriate influence on Hunter Biden’s behalf by his father in any of his myriad official roles, Trump’s lackeys had full control over the Justice Department for four long, corrupt years.

They did nothing. As we all know, Trump had to try strong-arming Volodimyr Zelenskyy into announcing a fraudulent “investigation” into Hunter Biden’s role as a director at Burma. As it was yet another Trump initiative, it failed spectacularly, like so many of his other ones. Also, the Director of the FBI — after he sacked Jim Comey for his egregious lack of Trump-worship — was Trump appointee, Phillip Wray. So, even if the FBI could willy-nilly pursue any investigation it chooses to without any oversight by DOJ managers, why didn’t it do so under Trump’s appointee?

The insincere question there. We know it’s because Wray knew better than to be turned into a political hack in service to the worst president in US history. [Question answered: Would you like to hear a long and detailed explanation as to why the FBI didn’t investigate Hunter Biden for many years, so didn’t uncover everything we are just now hearing about? Do you mean like the big Caravan a couple of years ago that never made it to the border? If you want to do something about it, stop watching Fox News and it will magically disappear. Yep. It will take a fair amount of work and, of course, it’s disheartening to have to rebuild all the momentum that President Trump had built when this fiasco began two years ago, but that’s life. Also, he seems willing to do it again. Let’s hope they’ll at least waive term limits so he can get a straight 8 years because that’s what is needed to really do any good.

The raid was carried out by both the FBI and the Justice Department, acting on a Federal warrant. They were looking for “papers” that they supposedly think Trump took with him when he left the White House. They reportedly were still present at Mar-a-Lago and had physically broken into Trump’s personal safety, but found nothing of interest. This type of Gestapo tactic on a previous U.S. President is a clear indication of how biased and partisan these Federal Departments have become. This is exactly why these agencies need to be thoroughly investigated, reeled in, and restored to their unbiased and balanced state, following the mid-term elections.


Is it true that today Lauren Boebert is signing an executive order to remove and arrest Biden for fraud and reinstate trump and he’ll order a civil war with Zoarostrian Centaurs to turn the world into a porpoise Trumpgrad society with a bush woven? He didn’t do it because he is head of the Executive Branch of government, and Nancy Pelosi is the leader of one house of the Legislative Branch of government. Under the Constitution of the United States, the three branches of government are separate but equal. So, the President cannot tell the Speaker of the House of Representatives to do anything. He can only REQUEST and, in this case, I don’t think even THAT happened officially. The Chinese government is run by an autocrat who is well known to Joe Biden. The two leaders have met several times. President Biden had no need to tell President Xi Jinping what I just stated in the first paragraph. President Xi knows what an American President can and cannot do. He knows for himself or his close advisors have explained it to him. The Chinese elite are not mystified about the U.S. The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party routinely send their children here to attend universities. His only daughter has attended Harvard and may be living here right now, going to Harvard again for a higher degree. Xi, himself, once briefly lived here in Iowa on an exchange program.