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Ok so if I would wear Gucci for one day starting with a bra and panties a sweater and skirt a pair of shoes and a small purse the price would be $10,000.00 just so we are clear on what that looks like to the average man,… My first house cost 40,000.00. The one outfit would buy 1/4 of my home. So if you would repeat this offense each day for only one week, well you don’t need to show out in this way. Even though you might not mean to offend people you will. Even if you don’t offend them you surely will isolate yourself from a large portion of your peers. And the ones that do tag along may not be your friend for the right reason but rather just because you have a vast amount of money with which you can play.

V is the stage name of South Korean singer, songwriter, and dancer Kim Taehyung. Being an important member of the well-known K-pop group Bangtan Boys has made him particularly well-known in the present era (simply known as BTS). V, or Tae as he is more frequently called, has a considerable fan following both at home and abroad. This hip-hop performer is renowned for his youthful good looks and strong voice. He wrote and performed the band’s top-charting singles, “2 Cool 4 Skool” and “Boy in Luv.” His career began in South Korea’s music industry, and not long after that, he broke into the international charts, creating yet another K-pop milestone for the nation. BTS has a significant fan base both online and offline, with more than five million followers on its Twitter profile as of 2017. Girls make up the majority of his fan base since they adore his adorable appearance and pleasant personality!

The worldwide crush of millions of girls is BTS’ Kim Taehyung, aka V. He also has pretty sharp clothing. Kim Taehyung is a huge fan of Gucci. We are aware that the BTS boys only wear premium labels. They have Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more brands in their closet. Their personal clothes are also highly diverse. When they perform, they also don some quite expensive attire. Kim Taehyung once performed on stage while donning a floral necklace. At that time, he had blonde hair. About $30,000 was spent on the Gucci necklace. It was worn By Kim Taehyung with a white shirt. He enjoys wearing jewelry, just like the other BTS members. The necklace is available for purchase for Rs 21,75,600 in Indian rupees. That amount is significant. The young man adores jewelry, particularly neckpieces. Singularity, one of his songs, set a new record for global sales. Kim Taehyung made headlines for failing to identify IronMan Robert Downey Jr. during a quiz show. Everyone in the group was observed making fun of him. Because of his attractiveness, Kim Taehyung is also quite popular with women. His sexy photo session for Fila Neuron actually sent girls into a frenzy.

Twenty lakh rupees have been raised by the BTS Army to aid India during the pandemic. J-Hope has donated a sizable donation to a children’s charity in Tanzania, Africa. On May 21, 2021, the group will release BTS Butter. For the same, fans are highly enthusiastic. Italy is also a developed country and Koreans tend to have a positive opinion of countries that are developed and have a high standard of living. I won’t post a genuine picture however one of my neighbors dresses and looks practically indistinguishable from Richard from Silicon Valley

Pretty much every other individual in my local dresses in similar relaxed clothing drained of any marking and logos. Do they seem to be “bums”? No, however, they certainly don’t dress in a way that says, “hello, check me out”. On the off chance that you ran into my neighbor in the city, you would likely not allow him another glance, and assuming you did, you presumably would accept he will experience difficulty making the current month’s lease. What is entertaining is that under a pretty far there are a lot of little condominiums and you continually see the ladies living there conveying LV packs and folks donning all kinds of dress with top-of-line marking, while the majority of them are living check-to-check.

I have seen that the well-off don’t appear to feel that it’s important to point out the way that they are rich and those that wish they were rich, need to show up in a way that makes them look affluent. It’s very entertaining. Then there are the very rich and the vast majority of them will just wear a marked dress that they have a personal stake in. As such, except if they own the organization, or possibly a piece of it, they won’t stroll around promoting their rivals. Yet, that is on a completely another level. To be fair, there are most likely just 2 or 3 things that you are REALLY into and you ought to go ahead and spend your well-deserved cash on those things. Where the issues start is the point at which you start burning through cash on things that you couldn’t care less about on the grounds that you need to dazzle others.


Shinsegye Department Store (with which I have no affiliation with) offers the following Chuseok meal package for delivery that features a mostly conventional set of goodies typical of the 3-day holiday. Do I miss the fun of going to Blockbuster? A little, but I really miss the record stores that sold vinyl records, especially if they had a large collection of import 45s with interesting jackets. Punk and New Wave bands in particular.