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The half baked decision was never going to be accepted without question. Of course, it did give people time to think about the issue and how it should have been codified decades ago in the healthcare laws of privacy between a person and their doctor. Ruth Bader Ginsburg referred to this issue at the beginning. Of course, there will be a problem getting the Senate to bring a bill to the floor.

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For many, it seemed the conservative super-majority on the bench had never been more powerful or more united. Now, everyone, including the Justices themselves is looking for the culprit who leaked the draft that became the biggest political story in recent memory. Why the leak? Americans are deeply polarised on the issue of abortion simply because the shape of the court has significantly changed. Once an evenly split bench, it is now one that tips significantly to the right after trump appointed three conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

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Neil Gorsuch, the youngest nominee in history was confirmed as trump’s pick to replace Antonin Scalia, who died suddenly in 2016. Anthony Kennedy retired from the bench in 2018 so trump picked Brett Kavanaugh, a man confirmed by the Senate with the narrowest minority in almost 150 years. Both appointments of these men were savagely gripped by controversy.

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Not a man who enjoys putting America through a drastic change overnight, Roberts refused to join the three progressive justices in their blistering dissent of opinion. Rather, he filed a lone opinion: “I would take a more measured course,” he wrote as the man who is ostensibly the highest-ranking officer of the court. He did call for “judicial restraint” but at the setting of the sun, one of the most powerful justices in America was ignored and he knew he had lost control of the court. He had never felt more isolated.