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Yes, of course. The legal and peaceful way is called elections. especially if he decides not to take part in them. Another way could be like in the case of Hruschov or Yeltsin, to convince him to resign due to his mental and/or physical condition. Biden would not stay a day as President of Russia, but slim chances for that in the case of Putin with his popularity staying at about 80%. I am just wondering what you hope to achieve in replacing Putin. Do not tell me you believe he works alone. He has a Team, so if he is replaced, someone else will come with very similar policies, just highly likely much tougher on the West. So you had better wish him all the best, as his successor might be much worse for you. Think about that. I have yet to see one jot of evidence that he has cancer. Tabloid speculations and sensationalist statements by retired officers who want to feel relevant don’t amount to evidence, and if I remember well Bin Laden was reportedly on his deathbed for 15 years until finally being killed.

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Assuming that he indeed has cancer, why would he want to destroy the world? Common sense suggests that he’d want to live for as long as possible having at his disposal the best healthcare money can buy, rather than dying of an American missile. Assuming that he indeed wants to destroy the world, he doesn’t have the capacity to do it. Not just because destroying the world is well beyond any country’s ability, but simply because such an order would not be obeyed and would result in his premature death far sooner than cancer could do it. Putin doesn’t want them but also he doesn’t want Ukraine to have access to them. So, he already took most of them. The gas reserve was one of the biggest reasons why Putin annexed Crimea and started the pro-Russian separatist movement in Donbas. Ukraine found 1.1 trillion cubic meters of proven gas reserves. its total gas reserves would have been estimated at up to 5.4 trillion cubic meters. 80% of those were located in Off-shore Crimea, the Sea of Azov, the western Carpathians, and the Dnieper Donitz rift in the East. This means during that time, Ukraine had the 3rd largest proven natural gas reserve in Europe behind Russia and Norway. With that Natural gas reserves, the EU and the rest of Europe could have replaced most of the Russian gas with Ukrainian Gas. If that happened, then Russia could have lost tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars, and its biggest gas Market.

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There was a problem though, At that time, Ukraine didn’t have the technology or the equipment to go after any of these reserves. And the president of Ukraine at that time was pro-Russian so Putin didn’t need to worry about the gas reserves. Later in 2013, Ukraine signed a deal with western companies like ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron..etc to explore the oilfields near the Carpathians and Dnieper Donitz rift. But then In February of 2014, Ukraine’s pro-Russian regime was overthrown and replaced with more of a pro-western president. And then Putin made some bogus claim about Ukraine killing Russian-speaking people in Crimea and Donbas. Russia then fully annexed Crimea taking a significant portion of Ukraine’s proven natural gas. Pro-Russian separatist in the Donbas region occupies the areas near the Yuziska oil field which made Shell abandon their $10 billion project in the region. By the end of 2014, all of the western oil companies abandoned their projects. As a result, Russia remained the largest exporter of Natural gas in Europe’s market. The question to ask is: Why do some people want to propagate this rumor? Who has an interest in spreading this rumor? Who is targeted by this rumor about Putin’s failing health?

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The West? Maybe, because it could reinforce the Ukrainians’ conviction that they can win this war since Putin is weakened and could die soon. The Russians who want to sow doubt in the minds of the West? These rumors about the alleged illness of Putin do not circulate in Russia where the information is locked. One can therefore imagine that the Russians are trying to manipulate the Western populations by conveying such a message. In any case, whether Putin is seriously ill or not, you should not lose sight of the fact that what he is doing in Ukraine is odious and that he is a bloodthirsty dictator. It is misinformation most likely. According to the Mirror, this “intelligence source” is someone from the FSB who claimed he has only 3 years to live. It is fake. Much of the claims that Putin is sick are in fact coming from Christopher Steele who is a thoroughly discredited disinformation bureau. Christopher Steele seems to be the go-to guy for a lot of these claims and I have no doubt that he probably connected the Mirror to this “Russian intelligence asset”. From the beginning of this conflict, they have been saying that Putin has Parkinsons’ and that he is on Steroids and the evidence they use to back it up does not show any change of character from the way he has been in the past. Christopher Steele is of course the one responsible for the Steele dossier and one of the main sources it is proven that he relied on was the Ukrainians. From the beginning of this war 8 years ago, the Ukrainians have been making up claims and have lied thoroughly about Russia and about the Russian Army in an effort to bring any kind of restoration of ties between Russia and the Western countries next to impossible. Even in the Mirror article, it was found that they were quoting a Ukrainian spy called Kyrylo Budanov, which tells you enough about who these claims come from.

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I would not be surprised if this FSB agent is someone in the league of those who Samantha Bee interviewed as “Russian spies” proven to have later been comedians. He had two problems. First of all, he convinced himself of a history that turned out to be – not so much untrue as not actually having the social implications he assumed they did. He thought a majority of Ukrainians would welcome their Russian brothers/overlords with open arms. Or at least not as much hostility as they did. Turns out, whatever the history, Ukrainians have a very strong and healthy sense of self-identity. His second problem was his own fault, but not directly from him. He spent the last 20-odd years setting up what is basically a mafia state in Russia. As such, the people he placed in the various offices were thieves (and often killers, in the military at least). These people are thugs, not managers. So they mismanaged and used the army as their personal little kingdoms, stealing whatever they wanted and covering it up. When Putin asked them if they could take Kyiv, they said sure. And then the army fell apart almost before it engaged the enemy. Not directly his fault, but had he built a more honest nation he would have had more honest officers who wouldn’t steal and if they weren’t up to a battle, they would say so. So, Putin is not infallible, but I wouldn’t write him off as stupid. He is very smart, he’s just a criminal mentality, not a leader. If Ukraine’s industry, manufacturing, infrastructure, housing stock, monetary reserves, military, roads and rails, airports, warehousing, retail, and banking were at pre-war levels, about 4 years. Due to the massive destruction of all the above, Ukraine will be lucky to survive. So what is left of this smoking crater of a country would likely be overrun in a year or so because the men will have to be recruited to rebuild EVERYTHING and will be too spread out to regroup on time to again form an army capable to repel Russia one more time, and it would be unable to stop the Russians. So at this time, there can only be one outcome for Ukraine -they MUST win against these murderous fuckers. Remember the agreement reached by the USA, Britain, and Russia that conned Ukraine into giving up its nukes so that these 3 countries promised to maintain the territorial boundaries of Ukraine at that time? They are complicit in the present situation and should be the ones fighting Putin, not the poor citizens of a peaceful country.

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In my opinion, the use of nuclear weapons by Putin (even in an uninhabited territory or in non-navigable waters) is practically impossible. Such a step for the President of Russia is fraught with too great risks of losing power. In more detail, I tell why Putin will not use nuclear weapons in a separate video. Thus, Putin’s nuclear blackmail is more of a bluff aimed at Western voters to dissuade their governments from actively helping Ukraine. I do not think that there are a lot of people in the USA who support Putin (there are few real supporters of Putin in Russia either). As far as I remember, even Trump subsequently condemned Putin’s actions in Ukraine, emphasizing that if he were the President of the United States, Putin would not dare to attack a neighboring country. Those who support Putin now, after he unleashed an aggressive war, certainly deserve at least condemnation, regardless of which political force they consider themselves to be. Legitimacy. A Czar has to be of a noble status or descent, recognized by major monarchies or at least former ruling houses of Europe. Neither of these conditions is met: Putin’s heritage is common, and it is unlikely that any noble house will vouch for him now, ruining their reputation. Self-crowning is an option, but it does not look too royal. No self-crowned Czar in Russia lived long, and since Putin is obsessed with luck and omens, such a move is out of the question for him.

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Heir. If Putin decides to crown himself, he will have to make a male heir to inherit the throne. According to the Russian hereditary law and traditions, the elder male child or a brother may inherit the throne, and daughters are not eligible (although in the 18th century, Peter I changed that law, the change was abolished by Paul I 100 years later). So. Putin does not have an heir. And his daughters do not look like they want to deal with ruling the country. Marriage. A monarch must be wed, traditionally, to a woman of a royal house. Exceptions can be made, but only if the legitimacy of the monarch-to-be is out of the question. Only a child that is born in such a marriage is a legitimate heir. Again, no noble house would marry their daughter, even without her consent, to an elderly sick psychopath, with rumors of little boys as his sexual preference. Otherwise, he does not need it. He enjoys absolute power, like a Tsar, the core Russian population is devoted to him, and his ministers and parliament are as obedient as court servants. We all know Navalny, Khodorkovsky, and Kara-Murza. I can’t say which is best. All seem committed to saving the country and putting it on a better path.