First Lady Jill Biden’s Inauguration Outfits—Face Masks Included—Are Now in the Smithsonian

Dr. Jill Biden’s Inauguration Outfits Added to Smithsonian’s First Ladies Collection

Dr. Jill Biden’s historical inauguration outfits have joined the Smithsonian’s popular First Ladies Collection, which showcases over two dozen gowns worn by first ladies throughout American history. Two years ago, Dr. Biden made history by becoming the first First Lady to accessorize her inauguration day ensembles with matching face masks. Along with her Markarian and Gabriela Hearst dresses and coats, the masks have now become emblems of the COVID-19 pandemic and significant additions to the exhibition.

Dr. Biden chose to work with young, exciting design talents for her inauguration outfits, and both designers noted that they produced the looks in New York’s garment district. Gabriela Hearst, a leader in the luxury sustainability space and current creative director of Chloé, embroidered the federal flowers from every US state and territory on the white dress, with Biden’s home state of Delaware above the educator’s heart. Alexandra O’Neill of Markarian, whose sensibility Dr. Biden described as “both timeless and new,” designed the blue coat and dress that the First Lady wore during the inauguration.

The pandemic and the violent insurrection at the US Capitol influenced the inauguration ceremony, with face masks becoming necessary. Dr. Biden’s Markarian and Hearst ensembles seemed all the more deserving of preservation because of the enormity of what we all faced at the time. As Dr. Biden remarked during the formal addition of the dresses to the collection, “These masks also represent the moments of courage and kindness that helped us through the worst of it.”
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