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Sure, things can happen, but the USA has no real reason to be discreet in its use of violence. The USA has been a military superpower since the end of WWII. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, it’s moved from “super” to “hyper,” and assassinations don’t make much sense when you’re the king of the hill. Assassination is committed from a position of relative WEAKNESS. You need someone dead, but if anyone finds out you were responsible, you cannot tolerate the consequences. Imagine you’re walking in a park and you see a couple of people on a bench engrossed in conversation. Then all of a sudden you hear a thump and the person on the left side of the bench looks like they’ve turned inside out, and the person sitting next to them is blinking in surprise with a few drops of blood on them. Sneaking around and trying not to get caught is reserved for what the CIA is all about, which really is primarily about gathering information from human sources. The real issue with Russia is that Putin is a very well-understood figure. He has been studied for decades. Eliminating him would introduce a great deal of uncertainty about what comes next.

the more realistic idea for the kind of operation that the CIA might run would be to try to motivate and enable someone in Putin’s inner circle to kill him and take the job. CIA wouldn’t actually want to commit the murder, just try to manipulate who actually does so with the intention either of influencing the next leader there, or at least making sure it was someone acceptable. The reincarnation of Hitler looks more like Biden when you listen to his verbose provoking style…while he is killing with toxic forced experimental products…in a decor of engineered inflation…knowing that Nazism was co-created with some USA finance quarters… Comparing Putin with Hitler is being intentionally provocative with a reverse psychology formula of choice of globalists who constantly speak in reverse…or being an idiot without education…a plight inflicted by the same globalists destroying educated States in many places…including the high literature country of France…and also Costa Rica, the oldest democracy of Latin America, historically spiritual daughter of France by her own choice to establish an institutional country…that also chose schools over army many years ago and now has an excess of music and dance days in the school program, with schools, turned into social centers with minimum education by a stubborn mafia in the Ministry of Education…and books are not allowed for display on book day…according to school teachers and directors…

Not sure about delusional. Miscalculated yes. Paranoid most definitely. I would be. And yes his health seems to be in a decline in my opinion. Not exactly good news though. Someone who knows they aren’t going to survive much longer, either from health problems or being assassinated, should be considered mentally unstable. A person with that defect holding the button on the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons isn’t an ideal situation. My opinion is he is unintentionally holding the world’s well-being hostage. Doubtful he would deliberately launch a nuclear attack, but never say never. This war proved that point. He wants to be the man who protected the motherland from the power and influence of the US. Not the monster who single-handedly destroyed the planet and possibly wipe out the human race including his own country. It’s unlikely he is going to step down. So the only viable option is for his supporters, backers, oligarchs, generals, and agencies to step up to him and tell him enough is enough. Because he wants Russia’s state-sponsored and supported racism and bigotry against anyone who isn’t a straight, white, cishet, Christian male to be the norm in North America and western Europe. He literally says that the West is degenerate, agreeing with Putin, that ‘weakness’ and degeneracy like nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court of the USA are massive problems.

This is part and parcel of why he is famous, or infamous depending on how you look at it. In 2016, he became very well known for his deeply incorrect and hostile responses to pronouns that he didn’t like. Students who were transgendered people were, at the time in the University of Toronto, in Ontario, and in Canada, free to request that their preferred pronouns be used, just as everyone else was, and just as everyone had the right to request that people call them by whatever variant of their documented names or nicknames they preferred. Bill C-16 was being debated, and it featured the inclusion of transgendered people in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as recognized minorities who had equal rights and protections under the law. This is literally a non-starter of a problem. People who were identified as male at birth, raised as boys, who dress like men, look like men and who identify as men would hate to be called she or her, and women under the same conditions would hate to be called he or him. People in positions of authority intentionally misgendering them or calling men Susie or women Johnny would be abusing their positions of authority to harass people under their sphere of control, something that is clearly wrong. People who are transgendered, roughly 0.6% of the population, were misidentified, and now are simply asking that they correctly be called by their preferred names and pronouns. This is equal rights under the law. Jordan B. Peterson is not a psychologist with a degree in medicine and a practice dealing with medical issues related to gender identification. He’s a psychologist with expertise solely related to the Big Five Personality traits — gender neutral — and male addiction — ironic and not gender neutral. He is not an expert on what individuals are biologically, but he is a Christian, straight, cishet male who is squicky about stuff that colors outside of the boxes he has fully immersed himself in.

And so, when asked by students and faculty to respect transgendered students’ requests for the pronouns of their choice, he went ballistic and claimed his freedom of speech was being infringed. He punched down hard from his tenured faculty position at the likely 600 or so transgendered people among the roughly 100,000 students at U of T. He abused his position to harass them, at length, in as many media outlets as he could talk his way into. Subsequently, he leaned into his deeply extended absurdist and misogynistic analogy of women being chaos and hence bad, and men being order and hence good. If memory serves, that was introduced in his first book, the barely read, turgid and pretentious Maps of Meaning, but he leaned into it in 12 Rules, the Quora answer — 51 rules or so — that became a book commissioned because he was a bigoted asshole to transgendered people, and therefore someone who would sell a lot of books. Bad karma for his publisher, but good bonuses one assumes. Since then he’s also leaned into homophobic gay parenting advice, once again something far outside of his actual area of study and expertise. Yes, Adam and Steve or Judy and Elaine have to consciously adopt explicitly feminine Mom and masculine Dad roles for little Johnny’s or Susie’s mental health according to Peterson, despite four meta-analyses of the literature finding the complete opposite. Kids of gay parents grow up just fine thanks, without any drag parenting required. Once again, Peterson is squicky and punching down.

and so to Russia, where homosexuals are persecuted, Christianity is literally the state religion, and transgendered people are considered abominations. No pronoun confusion for Peterson in that country, not that he speaks Russian. And after all, the Minister of Everything Chrystia Freeland is Ukrainian and deeply involved in the international efforts to assist that country. And what else is she? A Liberal and a woman. Obviously what the Liberal government of Canada thinks must be opposed by Peterson, especially if its efforts are spearheaded by chaos. Then there’s Stalinism. Peterson loves some repressive ideologies, or at least artworks from them, and shivering with horror at their depravities and genocides. He’s a lay student of Communist atrocities in Russia and Europe, and his home is full of paintings from the time apparently, not that I’m invited over for dry sherry. He’s a much bigger critic of Communist countries’ horrors than Nazism’s horrors, by the way, and certainly a much bigger critic than of capitalist and Christian atrocities around the world.