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I know it may have just been that clinic but really … $1800 for just fluids!! She could have died because of their lack of attention. Honestly, you should let your cats decide if they think it’s safe enough to enter your room. If you can smell it, I will guess that your cat’s sensitivity to it will be magnified 10 times greater per ppm, than any human can detect naturally. If they enter, it’s ok with them. My rule of thumb with animals and cleaning is, that as long as they have a safe place to escape to, I don’t restrict their access. Primarily because their primal instinct of self-preservation isn’t going to fail them, because you used bleach or any other type of toxic cleaning solution for that matter. Animals have an inherent precautionary protocol embedded in their DNA. I understand that you’re just looking out for them, but when they sense a threat of danger, regardless of whether it’s a person, place, or thing, they are cautious until they feel safe. I have several indoor, and outdoor cats using a cat door in the basement. They always had access. For this, I never needed a cat box. I’m not fond of the stinky cat boxes, but I love cats. They go outside like the dog, but freely. The dog is too big for the cat door. My point is that when I break out the cleaning supplies, They leave and don’t come back until they feel the coast is clear. I put the dog out too. If you give them a choice, they will let you know by their actions if it’s toxic to them. Good luck. This is a bit like asking if a wife would make a good pet. As so many people point out that the law, which says you can/do own a cat is not in line with reality and you said good pet. Cats generally are not good pets but they are fantastic companions.

You can bet that every stray on the street is going to have issues. Do good pets make you spend at the vet? A great deal depends on how motivated the cat is and assertive. The cat which rubs your leg vigorously a meow loudly is much more likely to adapt to the new digs in a flash. I would t recommend it, especially if your child is a baby, but I mean I would always sneak my dog on the bed as a child against my mother’s resistance. nothing ever happened I washed my dogs regularly and they didn’t have fleas or tics, that’s the most important part. if you have clean dogs that don’t have bugs, go ahead I’m sure your child would love it.

I’m thinking if it just licked it, it should be ok. You may want to keep a close eye on it ( for vomiting or diarrhea), and if this happens please take it to your vet. You may also want to call your vet to ask about this just to be on the safe side. We used homemade bone broth if they were reluctant to eat it. You want to keep them hydrated. You can syringe half broth/half water into your mouth. We tried using the antihistamine according to vet recommendations, but it did not help, maybe made it worse. Older cat’s heart rate raised while using this. Multiple cats with this are very hard, and they may come down with it at various times, causing it to go on for a while. Even our slightly younger cats were quite sick.

Kitty is used to having you around. Strangers they avoid until they get used to them. They take a powder. Don’t go looking for kitty either, he’ll come out and make friends on his schedule. Try forcing it will only upset him and I’m sure you know what happens when kitty’s pissed off. I adopted one cat that had been abused and was a fear-biter. Lots of blood was drawn. Every time he bit me, I would see the terror in his eyes and he would run and hide. After a time, when he realized there were no consequences ( except for my cries of pain ), he slowly got better and after about six months he was fine.

I adopted another cat that I’m certain had been well loved, he walked in like he owned the place and slept on the couch the first night. Cats are very likely to come into contact with the animals most likely to be carrying rabies. The shot is effective and easy to administer. And rabies is an awful way to die. I kind of know the answer to this one. Blue eyes are a regressive trait in cats that have no Siamese ancestry. However, in Siamese ancestry cats, blue is the dominant gene. That’s why all Siamese have blue eyes. It is very likely that a blue-eyed cat has Siamese ancestors. Just a little Siamese in the gene pool is like a kid peeing – it’s clear it happened in there, lol.

A special case for blue eyes is albinism. A pure white cat with blue eyes is either highly likely to be deaf, deaf-blind, or Siamese as heck. I have a pair of these monsters, and they’re Siamese in my case. Snowball is nearsighted and partially deaf as well, but he’s got a little and that’s all he needs if I don’t go wild and move the furniture. EN is just loud. He hears well and the vet is pretty sure he sees well. Green and yellow eyes are more common and linked to cats that aren’t part Siamese or albino. These cats might have a recessive Siamese ancestor, given the massive popularity (and breeding ability) of the breed, but they also might not.