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The labels that the Western media stick to people and events have long since had nothing to do with reality. All these words and expressions like “dictator”, “aggressor”, “Putin’s puppet”, “democracy”, “freedom” and so on have completely lost their meaning and turned into motley confetti, which the Western media scatter in handfuls. The Budapest Memorandum 1994 ratified in 1995 was violated by one member of the Russian Federation in this case Russia one of its guarantors leaving the USA, UK & NI obligated in support of Ukraine. As the nature of aggression after lies from Russia about its intentions toward Ukraine after years of actively involving its forces in Ukraine and political interference led many countries around the world to condemn Putin and his regime. As Putin ignored most of the world and defied UN Resolutions whilst brutally conducting initially a failed complete takeover of Ukraine by invasion and then settling for the SE industrial and mineral-rich states of the Donbas, it became clear by Putin’s own statements that he intended to disrupt the peace and prosperity of many more nations to achieve his ultimate goals.

Clearly, Ukraine needed assistance and the Western democratic countries came to its aid. It was not just in support of the Memorandum but also under article 51 of the UN charter. Putin’s forces disregarding civilian safety by torturing, raping, and murdering many Ukrainians both alienated themselves from 141 nations and caused a humanitarian response supporting this country’s efforts for defense and expulsion of Russian and Russian-sponsored and funded forces from their land. Because Putin intended to attack surrounding countries to return them to a legally extinct empire as his ideal plan, it was seen necessary to continue all possible defensive measures, intelligence, and forces training with additional military hardware in support of their defense and to strengthen the European and NATO allies against Putin’’s mission creep objectives. The West, as you loosely refer to, with the US is bound to resist all plans of this nature to avoid Putin establishing himself as lord over sovereign independent nations he has no right to. Furthermore as with Adolph Hitler who almost developed atomic weaponry during WWII end intent on destroying New York permitting a nuclear-armed nation to further expand appears incredibly unwise.

Therefore Putin must either be defeated to the point of withdrawing from Ukraine or sufficiently humiliated that his own population dispense of his style of leadership or him. His idiocy was on full display for years but no one was paying attention to the stuff he was doing much and that’s why he got pissed off. His plan was to take Kyiv in about 4 days so the world starts paying attention. Ukrainians said no, they killed off his assassins. At that point, Putin should have resigned for being the reckless fool that he is, but instead, he wants to take Russia with him too, so he kept improvising and upping the stakes.
Now tell me where you see smart there? He has no idea what the hell he is doing. He’s pretty much the biggest piece of sh-t on the planet right now universally recognized as such by billions. So where is smart? If you “outsmart” a pile of cow dung, for example, would you really call that outsmarting? Let’s not get carried away.

This is absolutely true and Mr.Brainless Madman Zelenskky is doing nothing but getting his own country destroyed in the hands of Russia by continuously getting instigated by the USA and NATO and continuing to fight a battle that he should have at least tried to stop by now. today Zelenskky is nothing but a puppet and a tool in the hands of the USA and NATO for continuing with their Sinister designs against Russia. By doing this, they are successful in keeping Russia fighting continuously in Ukraine while their own territories remain safe. Ans. At the cost of Ukraine of course. The real fight is between USA and NATO – Against – Russia. The battleground is Ukraine and it is Ukraine that is getting destroyed and razed to the ground and stupid Zelenskky is getting his country completely destroyed by fighting a war that is actually not his. He could have simply declared that Ukraine will not join NATO and Russia would have never attacked Ukraine.

A fool will always be successful in destroying his country. A fool like Zelenskky can never lead his country to peace and prosperity. There is no information regarding Brittney Griner’s political persuasion. Why does it even matter? So you can label her as an American hater? A valuable Russian gun runner is somehow more valuable than a US-American human being sentenced to ten years for the possession of CBD oil. Why’s that? President Biden is an ethical and compassionate man who saved her from a ruined life. I know ethics and compassion are traits that are totally absent in your life, however, if you were actually patriotic, you would be celebrating the release of a fellow US American citizen instead of bashing her simply because President Biden was instrumental in getting her released. We have already seen evidence of that with respect to the bombing of the Kerch bridge. The explosives were smuggled into Russia for use on the bridge. The truck containing the explosives entered the bridge from the Russian side. Both the truck and the explosives were able to get through Russian security prior to entering the bridge. One would think that the church bridge would be one of the more secure parts of the Russian infrastructure. For the security to be defeated this easily, speaks a lot to the level of their security.


It’s unlikely that the new leader would want to inherit a failing war attributable to Putin, so I would expect serious peace discussions soon after. (Of course, they lost the last cold war and are in worse shape now to compete on the world stage, but it will give time for the new oligarch to grow old.. these organizations are just that, very well organized. It’s why police find it so hard to not just arrest a top member, but even prove that they are actually part of the mafia. now for the Russian state, it’s like a mafia, that’s run by a bunch of mentally deranged and deficient weirdos, who, for the most part, are in power since day one and as a direct result of when the Soviet Union collapsed, they swooped in and grabbed up all industry from coal mining and steel mining to oil production and even military; The Wagner Group was started by one of these men. the issue with it is, all of these men technically have equal power, they don’t answer to anybody or follow any rules. They just have to publicly support Putin and that’s it. The mafia would kill somebody who was acting like a clown or attracting too much attention.