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While you’re here visiting earth, please try to ignore them as they are often quite dangerous and do carry lethal weapons. When you go back to your home planet, feel free to take as many Republicans with you as will fit into your spacecraft. The many prosecutions of Donald Trump are an abuse of discretion because Mr. Trump has not caused any “actionable” harm to anyone. Snowflakes did not like his Tweets but they were free to vote for the other guy or gal. Trump evolved from playboy to patriot and the unsuccessful prosecutions have been redemptive. Like Job, Satan (Democratic abuse and indoctrination) may someday succeed in destroying all he has, but not his indomitable spirit. The hearts and minds of those who see all the good in his policies are immune to the petty investigations (witch hunts) in DC and NYC. In July 2020, Trump signed EO13937.[1]This executive order’s goal appears to be to lower the price of insulin and EpiPens. The order was written to go into effect on January 22, 2021. The timing was a bit odd, given that there was a solid chance Trump would not be president on that date. When Biden came into office, he put a freeze on the implementation of several EOs that Trump had signed so that his administration could review them. In October of 2021, the administration formally rescinded EO13937.[2] So, the conclusion is that Biden didn’t want Trump to get credit, right? Not quite. The Trump order would have only affected a small minority of insulin users who are low-income and use Federally Qualified Health Centers, which are federally-funded community-based health clinics. Less than 10% of Americans use those kinds of clinics, and only a fraction of them use insulin. and only a portion of them meets the income criteria for low-priced insulin.

The advantage that Biden had was, among other things, a friendly Congress that was aligned with his desire to help people who rely on insulin. The (poorly-named) Inflation Reduction Act included provisions that would cap the co-pay on insulin for Medicare Part D recipients to $35. It will also allow Medicare to negotiate prices with pharma companies on several drugs, including insulin. This affects a larger segment than Trump’s plan, but it still does not cover everyone who regularly requires insulin. Now, about half the states already have caps on insulin prices. But this change will help seniors who rely on Medicare for their insulin. Those people brought gallows to the Capitol Building; threatened to hang Mike Pence, and killed police officers. They searched for Nancy Pelosi and wanted her dead, too.
In the days after the riot, many of the same legislators claimed the riot was “legitimate political recourse.” After all, it was just another day at the Capitol Building according to them, and “grannies taking selfies.” They think we’re so stupid we didn’t see with our own eyes what was happening and that a full-blown coup was being attempted on our democracy.

The same people are now calling out the FBI for doing their job of enforcing laws and searching residences for top-secret documents that could have already imperiled our national security. The same people you love so much can kidnap migrants from Texas who are here seeking asylum legally, call them “illegal immigrants” and break human trafficking laws to transport them to other states.
Denounce law enforcement for doing the job they swore an oath to do, including “defend the U.S. against all enemies foreign and domestic.” The way we can make America great is to resist people who would claim they are ‘patriots” when, in fact, their actions are fascist. I predict the resistance to your hate will continue. The reason the coup failed was that there were people who took an oath to uphold the Constitution and looked at what the Orange post was trying to do and said, “hell, no.” America has always been great, warts and all. The reason it is great is that there are more people who are resistant to people like you than those that would destroy our country from within.

They seem to not be wearing the red hat in the great numbers that they were before. Embarrassed! Obnoxious and argumentative on the subject. Quoting ridiculous and non-factual statements. Campaign signs on their property for all white-wing Trumpers. All of a sudden American flags are popping up not in a traditional patriotic way but it’s a sign of trumpism. Pickup trucks riding around with multiple flags. I’m with Chaney I have left the Republican side. They’re fascists. It’s my understanding (as Trump’s latest lawyer likes to say), that Trump’s lawyers have already retained lawyers for themselves, according to some news reports. Especially his latest lawyer, who now claims that she isn’t his lawyer. If they could get a search warrant on probable cause they’ll find stupidity in your house, yeah, they’ll raid your house and lay some smartness on you. Unfortunately, no judge will authorize a search warrant on those grounds; so, you’re free to display your support for Trump the traitor, Trump the national disgrace, and Trump the idiot who thinks he can declassify information with his mind. Yeah, wear your MAGA stuff to your heart’s content. Just remember that it’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Catch my drift? Trump and the people who support him. One rogue leader can be seen as abortion but people voting for him a second time shows a decline in values.

Should members of Congress be impeached for supporting and defending Trump who attempted a coup and stole documents when it’s their sworn duty to defend the constitution and country? First of all, impeachment is not a remedy that can be employed against Members of Congress. If it was, the logistics of one major party trying to impeach virtually all members of the opposing major party would be insurmountable, and the likely result would be a civil war. This is one of the many fatal flaws of American democracy, that it must ultimately take into account the proverbial facts on the ground rather than zealously pursuing morally justifiable social goals. It’s how and why America tolerated slavery as long as it did, and why America continues to engage in all manner of unjustifiable government intrusion into the rights of individuals who want nothing more than to be left alone. I think there is a slim chance that he could be in jail for some taxes charge. ( but I think that chance is honestly pretty slight) I think there is a decent chance probably 60 % he won’t be a Republican candidate especially because I honestly think that a lot of Republicans hold him responsible in some part for January 6th at least in private and if he was the candidate that would be a huge focus of the campaign. Which is an issue they can’t win on. But this is the most important reason. Voting in the US is 100 percent Anonymous so the Realtor would never know that I voted for the Democrat’s candidate which Is what I would do. In the Catholic Church, where at least once a month you extend your arm and your hand forward, toward the priest, and offer up prayers for those suffering in your community (and offer up that which you would like the parishioners to pray for)


Socialism (that is: the real kind, the only kind to have ever existed) is the process by which a cabal takes power and expropriates the economy for their own ends and personal profit. Communism is related in practice but proves to be vastly more homicidal. Socialist states kill their citizens in the tens of thousands, communist states kill theirs in the millions. The difference is that when the 2nd International tried to reform after World War I, the communists split into the Comintern (Communist International – sometimes called the 3rd International) and the socialists formed the Socialist and Labour International. Both previous internationals were solidly into violent revolution, however.