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Start with your neighbors. Charge a very reasonable rate (because you are inexperienced) or free to walk or dogsit their dogs. I can assure you, people are always looking for someone. An old coworker’s 11-year-old daughter wanted a dog. They told her it was too much of a responsibility. They thought the thrill would wear off after a couple of months and the dog would primarily be their responsibility and they didn’t want it. She loved dogs so much that she asked a neighbor if she could walk their dog and play with it. She didn’t ask for money. She did it and did a great job so they paid her to do it every day. Then another neighbor saw her out with the first neighbor’s dog and asked if she would walk theirs, so that was her second paying client. Then one of the neighbors gave her name to a third neighbor. Then the first neighbor asked if she might be able to take care of their dog while they were out of town. This meant going over for both feedings and multiple walks. She did great. She then got a calendar and started keeping track of the dogs she was walking and her “appointments.” Before she turned 12, this kid was pulling in a hundred or so dollars a week walking dogs after school and on weekends. After 7 or 8 months of this and still going strong, her dad saw she was really responsible and determined so he took her to the shelter and let her select a dog. She continued her dog walking business while also taking great care of her own dog. That has been a few years ago so she must be about to graduate but I wouldn’t be surprised if she kept it up all through school. She loved it. Her business was strictly in her immediate neighborhood and her dad met the parents before allowing her to walk their dogs. He said she turned into a little businesswoman right in front of his eyes – all because he told her she wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a dog. She didn’t set out to make money or start a dog walking business, she just loved dogs and wanted to be around them any way should could, even if it meant being around someone else’s.

usually, an allergy like you describe is caused by something they are eating. I went through allergies with my last dog Fred. We switched to every kind of dog food with different proteins I could find. He tried lamb, fuck, venison fish. Nothing helped. We changed vets and were put on hypoallergenic food. It cleared up after a week or two. Protein is usually the source of problems most dog food is Chicken or beef based. Even if he is served hypoallergenic food with “chicken flavoring” he would itch so you have to be really careful about this and what is in it. Try switching up different proteins or the kind of meat is a base for the kibble. I have a friend whose dog is allergic to all kinds of meat except kangaroo. If the different types of meat do not help then go hyper allergenic. You can get this at a vet’s office. It may be a bit more expensive but worth it for your dog not to be suffering. The hypoallergenic kibble at the vets may be a bit more regulated with l fewer byproducts causing allergies. They will also have a line of canned food and treats that are hypoallergenic. Try giving your dog small baby carrots for treats. They like them because they are sweet and are good for their teeth. Also no preservatives in them. Talk to your vet if need to about this. It is not bad at all. You will get more love, loyalty, and happiness from your furry companion. And he/she gives it without expecting anything in return. I don’t think there is any difference in the matter. There are too many unknowns for each individual person for anyone to answer that. Changes in eating patterns that last more than two days or so can be a symptom of a number of medical conditions and should be evaluated by your dog’s Vet. It will, & cutting down the amount of starch in his/her diet will help even more. Homemade with brown rice as the starch is even better. Find a recipe for homage dog food, try it out for a couple of weeks & watch your dog’s health improve.

Personal experience & recommended advice from virtually all Holistic & duel certified vets. Judy Morgan & Karen & John Becker (DVMs) are 3 well-known advocates of feeding homemade dog food with canine-friendly balanced ingredients. I believe that’s a hard-wired response. A dog knows that unnecessary commotion endangers the whole den and the pack. It indicates an unstable group and will divert attention away from defending the den and seeking food. Even in a domestic environment, you will often see adult dogs quelling a scuffle between puppies or juveniles. If a dog repeatedly proves to be inappropriate and a loose cannon it is not unusual for two or three dogs to get together and drive him off. Some novices think that aggressive behavior is normal in an “alpha” dog but nothing could be further from the truth. Calm, serene control is the sign of a true alpha or leader or top dog (choose whatever word doesn’t offend you). So in short, your dog doesn’t dare correct humans on their bad behavior but he will certainly think less of you when you are the source of the commotion and potential danger. try adding animal fats and high-quality proteins in the form of melted butter, lard or bacon fat, drippings from roasted meat, cans of fatty fish like sardines or canned tuna in oil (dump the whole can, oil, and all over your dog’s food), rendered meat trimmings…

Well, that is a question only you can answer. You have had the dog for 12 years and so he very likely has no or little memory of his former owners. He may be traumatized if you left him if they wanted him back. So it might be best to remain silent. On the other hand, the other family might never have forgotten him and would want him back and so you would return him. You have to decide WHICH IS BEST FOR YOUR PAL. Don’t feel guilty. You have given him a good life. If it were me, I would remain silent because of the chance of traumatizing the dog. It’s all about the dog. Neck chain vs harness is the owner’s choice. I don’t advise a chain collar. The purpose of the chain is to enable the owner to pull – the dog hears the sound of the chain as it’s pulled and then feels the pressure of the chain against his neck. Not healthy for the dog’s throat. It’s a punishment method of training. It’s used of course because it works to slow the dog down, to get the dog to stop, or to get the dog to change directions. But, as is the case with punishment, the use of the chain teaches the dog what not to do, but doesn’t teach what to do. Give the dog time to settle into their new home. Give him toys, treats, and love. It’s possible your dog has no idea what a toy is or how to play. If your new dog is friendly with other dogs, he can learn how to play with his friend. Traditionally Wienerschnitzel is a breaded veal cutlet with a fried egg on top. Could also be made of pork. Southern Germany is the origin of this dish; I don’t know where you got the corn dog from.

HOWEVER – If the dog is sensitized to the component of chocolate that is harmful to dogs, theobromine, they can have a severe reaction, a precipitous drop in blood pressure that can cause heart, kidney, and liver failure. A few M&Ms by accident is one thing, do not allow your dog access to any quantity of baked chocolate or ANY chocolate for that matter… Pungent order with a slight hint of bread…most commonly associated with the ears…. Otherwise on the outer skin… it could be several other types of skin infections or allergies…. You could poison your dog and need an expensive trip to an emergency veterinary clinic. Never medicate your pet on your own. You can do a great deal of harm doing this. A dog should be able to stand up (holding his head up) and turn all the way around easily inside the crate with the gate closed. He should be able to lie down and stretch out comfortably, too. I’m not sure there is a numeric formula for matching a dog to crate size. If he is going to have to stay in the crate for any length of time, there should be a pad or bed in the bottom, a blanket if it’s cold, a stuffed toy or something that he likes, and a hanging water bottle that he can easily reach.


It’s really hard you have to shampoo the rug & hang it outside for a few days while bashing it with a broom I had a cowhide on the floor no matter how many times I vacuumed it and hung it outside the hair remained had to throw it out in the end But I did manage to keep the pet hair off my good clothes I had old trackies & t-shirt that I wore around the house Whenever I got home I would change into old clothes hanging up good clothes in the wardrobe. I care for two dogs that are not mine, and I gave them their own pillows with raised sides, so they feel more secure. They use them whenever they lay down. You learn how to identify breeds by familiarizing yourself with them. The more you use that brain of yours, it will get easier it becomes to do so. In Incline Village, all the beaches are private. If you go towards the south lake on the east side of the village, there is a beach that allows dogs. You will see tons of cars parked on the side of the road. It’s a very beautiful beach and very popular.