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The racism inherent in Perdue’s claims shouldn’t come as any surprise: when you get right down to it, Stacy Abrams rubs Republicans the wrong way in numerous respects. She’s a woman, black, liberal, and entirely opposed to the GOP agenda. That’s far too many marks against her, in the Republican mindset. Have you heard the famous quote by Louis XV, “Après moi, le déluge”? For those who don’t speak French, it means, “After me, the flood”. The two interpretations of this statement that I am aware of are as follows:  Louis XV means that he doesn’t care what happens to the world (or to his country) after he is gone.  It is an expression of ill will towards the world that gave Louis XV such a luxurious life. In the case of Donnie Disgrace, there is a third possibility: He is saying that unless he is re-elected the stock market will crash. He has often claimed that he alone can fix something (and then come back and said who knew xxx would be so complicated). He is also claiming that he is the most eligible person to be the president and that his successor – whoever it might be – would not be as good as him and would screw things up.

All Prima Donald is good for is relentless self-promotion. He has no real capability, no real knowledge of anything. He is a rich-kid spoiled-brat playboy who truly has the Sadim Touch – he can turn gold into the dirt. Unfortunately, 74 million people do not understand this; they are poor gullible souls who fall for his braggadocio. We really don’t want to go down the road of unentrenching the former party to that level. No matter how low the other party stooped while in office. It would diminish the Judiciary. That said I am still not averse to expanding the court. No need to remove Trump’s 3. Just add another 5 seats to the bench and we’ll be fine. In 1869 the Supreme Court was set to 9 Justices. One year later a census was taken and showed that the population of the US was 38,558,371 Guess what? The US is now 8.6x larger. It would be reasonable for us to have a Supreme Court consisting of 77 members. Merely expanding the bench to 13 is eminently reasonable.

Except having just written that I realize that that is exactly what Mitch McConnell would point out before expanding the bench up to 77 members when he next enjoys the majority. So… here’s the statesmanly way to play this: We know that 77 members will be the target number. Democrats have 3 now, Republicans have 6. So after the next election, Democrats lose the Senate, but before Republicans take office, expand the bench to 77 members but leave 32 seats vacant for them to fill. That means liberal justices will have a 39/38 edge.  There needs to be a similar expansion of the rest of the roughly 3000-member federal bench, to perhaps 10,0000. So Democrats really need to get working! I think it shows that 61% of Republicans and therefore somewhere around 20–25% of the country are not only patently delusional but also scared of something that frankly isn’t happening. That by itself rather showcases the reality that the right wing is being subjected to some serious disinformation, and is being radicalized into taking action as a consequence of it. Ask yourself: what would the purpose be of telling such a lie? Stirring up the electorate to vote for the Republican Party isn’t the only outcome here, especially since the GOP not only created this lie but has failed to do anything that would prevent it.

Let’s face it: for all their claims that immigrants are stealing jobs and replacing white Americans as the majority in the United States, you’ll note that they’ve done absolutely nothing to stop those same immigrants from entering the country. Their token actions (such as building ‘the wall’) will never get the job done – and why would they want it to? Cheap labor (and note: they don’t prosecute Americans who hire immigrants, which would cause the well to dry up) is always a positive to them, and as long the ‘issue’ is never fixed, they can keep campaigning on it. Unfortunately, using the lie of Replacement Theory ultimately does far more than simply prompt Americans to vote Republican: it scares them with respect to the future, makes them fear that they will ultimately end up being oppressed (and they’re scared of ultimately being oppressed in the same way that they themselves have oppressed black and other non-white Americans), and worse still, they’re likely to feel anger and even hatred towards those demographics: making violence towards them far more likely. Combine that with the rhetoric that it’s the Democratic Party who wants immigrants to flood into the United States and thus replace white Americans, and you have a perfect storm for civil war. The Republican Party is ultimately attempting to provoke their electoral base into becoming radicalized against not only non-whites, but also their primary political opponents: and when you look at some of the more extreme rhetoric coming from Trump’s supporters (just check out Jon’s Political Corner, or the “It’s Okay To Be White” space here on Quora), and you’ll see that they are actively talking about “taking back America”, and using “Second Amendment solutions”.

In other words…they’re preparing for violence against a significant majority of the population, with a view to exterminating all who don’t fit within their narrow and bigoted worldview. Fascism has indeed come to the United States, and they’ve identified the new Jewish population to be targeted: this time, not simply those of a single religious faith, but rather those who aren’t of particular skin color, or subservient to a particular political ideology. It’ll be non-whites, liberals, and ultimately anyone who doesn’t support Donald Trump that they’ll be targeting. They want the United States for themselves only, and the rest of us are just obstacles to those ambitions. You don’t start throwing around rhetoric like “Replacement Theory” unless you genuinely want your supporters to take action and do something about it. And since the Republican Party have no intention of actually doing anything about immigration, they can only be calling for more radical action, and that means violence. I felt Obama did very little, he was considered black, so that’s what he was. He didn’t want to screw up anything, so he didn’t try to do much of anything. He played it very safe. Trump, did a lot. I felt he did some good things and some bad things, the problem was his personality and lack of character overshadowed everything he did or tried to do. His treatment of women, military personnel, disabled people, and anyone who disagreed with him was reprehensible. He doesn’t have the capacity to not be offensive so no matter what he did or said it wasn’t going to be ok with many people. All this doesn’t include anything illegal he may or may not have done. He doesn’t have the right personality to work with people and get things done, only steamrolls over people, and that’s not going to go over well with most people and as president, it shouldn’t be tolerated.

Biden is just a buffoon. There is no way he would have become president running against anyone other than Trump. People didn’t vote for Biden, they voted against Trump. Covid also helps Biden by keeping him away from people and live interactions with people. Keeping him safely in his basement, reading things written by others without having to worry about having to think on his feet and answer questions or defend his actions. As much as people said Trump was racist, I’ve never heard any candidate say so many racist things as Biden did during his campaign. “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” “I will only consider minority women for Vice President” and “Poor people can be as smart as white people” I mean seriously? Not only VERY racist, but sexist as well, and Harris has done NOTHING AT ALL! Name one accomplishment she has completed. She had one job and hasn’t done a damn thing about it. We should be getting weekly updates on what she’s doing to stop the border situation, but what are we hearing crickets? She’s an abomination to the job, worthless, incompetent, and doesn’t even care, or try to do anything. Both Biden and Harris only come together when there’s a “mass shooting” or something racist a white person does. Team Biden is by far the most incompetent, worthless, stupid, and puppet-like administration I’ve ever seen, I can’t stand Hillary, but I would take her any day over these idiots we have now. The biggest problem we have now is it’s only getting worse. I don’t see anyone coming up in politics that I can get behind fully. I mean seriously, a racist republican with views of women as second-class people, or a breastfeeding democratic gay man is what the office of president is trending too. The Republicans have no one but extremely conservative people who are pushing what they want, but not what the majority of Americans want. To think that in this day and age that abortion is being questioned and considered that maybe the government should look into this being overturned is insane. The Democrats are so busy trying to please minorities or LBGTect…, that they are afraid to do or say anything bad or be honest about what’s going on. How can Americans afford to give free medical care, food, support, and anything else to millions of illegal immigrants who are flooding into America? Homelessness and crime have increased dramatically and nothing seems to be getting done to combat it.