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I would like every girl and woman he has ever molested, raped, sexually assaulted, etc to behave with incontrovertible evidence against him and to file charges. I would like him to lose all of his money, every last dime, and for him to have ALL of his loans from Russia come due, all his loans from China come due, and his entire family to lose all of their money as well. I would like him to be found guilty of Insurrection, disqualified from ever holding office again, as well as lose his Government pension and all Secret Service protection. First and foremost he lives for the spotlight and the adoration of his supporters. He cares absolutely nothing for them, except for their money and adoration. It would also institute a wave of disgust against the Republican Party for most Conservatives and Moderates that would effectively destroy them come November and give a supermajority of Democratic Party and Independents in not only Congress but in many State Legislatures. This would allow for numerous REAL changes that are so desperately needed to save this country from disintegrating into a Civil War, and the only ones who would continue to support the Republican Party and Trump would be the white supremacists, sexists, LGBTQphobes, etc. In other words, all the garbage and scum in this country. Secondly, with incontrovertible proof, Donald Trump is shown for the evil, disgusting, slimy scum he is towards women and is found guilty and goes to prison for those crimes. Thirdly, if he and all his family lose all their money, and all those loans come due it will be a race whether the Russian Mafia or some other criminal organization comes for him.

Fourthly, He can never disgrace this country again, as he did while President, and there is zero chance he can ever hold office again, and as he’s lost all his wealth, all his money, as have everyone in his family, the only lawyers he or they will ever be able to afford during all his upcoming lawsuits, trials, etc will be public defenders. And last but not least, I would love it if this became the new punishment for all males who commit sexual assault or rape, because it will likely be a major discouragement, and it would serve him right…as a reminder (especially to the FBI or Secret Service, or whomever) I am not threatening the former President. I am saying I wish that this would be the penalty for any male who is found guilty of committing rape or sexual assault or similar. As former President Trump has not been found guilty of these crimes, I am in no way threatening him. Every time he moves, unless extremely slowly and unless he holds his testes very, very close to his groin (and even then they’re still likely to move) it will feel like he’s getting slapped or kicked in the nuts. Now, imagine what happens if he hears a car backfire, or sudden shattering of glass, or some other loud, unexpected noise. He would also likely never be able to get a hard-on again let alone have sex, and imagine the pain if “Bubba” gets him in jail….

No, they just run their rich, entitled big mouths off and tell people to look at the bigger picture and stop complaining about the high price of everything and get 3 more jobs. He gave us job growth, a more secure border, a better economy, better energy independence, and Peace (after years of terrorism from ISIS and other groups under Obama). Before the presidency, trump was a business CEO. He dealt with hotels and golf courses. He tried and failed at numerous other business ventures. None of those businesses, nor his position, gave him special powers or authority to grant or rescind Pulitzer awards. The Pulitzer prize is an award granted to journalists. It’s not political in nature ( although political stories obviously can win a prize), and has never been subject to government approval in any form. The community that decides on who receives Pulitzers is part of a private organization and does not have to answer to any politician in making its selections.

What do I think? I think once again trump is shitting out of his mouth believing he has abilities that do not, nor ever, exist. I think that he is once again showing his preference for authoritarianism, and anybody that follows this has proven their allegiance to a person rather than their country. I think this is yet just another example of why trump was never fit for the presidency. The image is so funny. Just imagine him walking into a conference room and blathering something about how cars work. We’re talking about the stable genius who thinks windmills cause cancer, so you know he’s right up there with the best knowledge on technology and not shy about sharing his opinions, or – if in control – making others implement delusions. First, Donald Trump doesn’t really have a position on gun control. He pretends he does because his supporters tend to be big gun enthusiasts, and because he and his colleagues accept kickbacks from the NRA. It’s doubtful that Donald Trump has ever owned or even fired a gun. If so, I’ve never read or heard about it, especially from him. And we know how he loves to brag. Donald Trump has no substance. He’s only about himself. If he thought he could win an election by staging a mass shooting (like his friend Putin staged apartment bombings to win an election), he certainly would.

Second, as Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist and a sociopath, he is not capable of real love and empathy, even toward his son. Do you ever see him even mentioning Barron? I’m sure he would throw his son under the bus to save himself. Well maybe if he does he can name each victim again while mangling the pronunciation of half of the names with some weird gong noise in the background…telling the crowd what a great job the local PD did then calling for more guns and having all the teachers everywhere armed and then do a shuffling little jig dance at the end with a stupid grin on his malicious mug???
No, Trump was NOT ‘drugged’ per ce. You can see he was beaten down, conflicted, and mentally drained. Knowing of Trump over the decades I have seen him; I’ve seen this behavior in him before. What it usually turns out to be is he doesn’t want to do ‘this’ anymore. He shows personal conflict because he’s not ‘winning’ as he thought. Trump seeks ‘something else’ to amuse him and propel his ego. This shooting of innocents right before the NRA meeting where Trump felt he could rally ‘his followers’ and fulfill his commitment to them (for the NRA helping to finance him and push THEIR agenda) blew up in his face. He’s a brander – he knows the impact is fresh and current and relevant and takes away from anything he needs to push.

Remember, Trump was once a Democrat – and even with his time in office, there were ‘twinklings’ of that old Trump. This is also one of those things. Trump is human. Trump has children and grandchildren, and yes, Trump KNOWS there has to be something done, and whatever it is to be settled upon, Trump knows it won’t ‘take away guns’ from those who have and use them responsively.
But I know that is now a passing thought instead of an action behind Trump as he knows what he has to do to increase membership and bolster the NRA. It’s one of many of his inner struggles of today. Observe Trump’s body language, movements, and behavior than what he has to read from teleprompters at this event because it is showing, slugging, and weighing him down. Beating him, and that’s against his nature. He brought prosperity, energy independence, criminal justice reform (The First Step Act), the Right to Try Law, companies coming back to the US, a stronger military, better health programs for Veterans, Operation Warp Speed, SECURE BORDERS, better trade deals, respect for the unborn, respect of our enemies, and he actually loved our country. What has President Biden done – disastrous and disgraceful pull out of Afghanistan, skyrocketing fuel costs – not because of Putin, no baby formula, a flood of drugs and illegals across the border, no respect around the world, violence out of control in our democratic cities, and supply chain problems. However, he and Hunter are making millions by portraying them are from Scranton and just nice, humble common folk. What a hoax, but the American people are waking up. Can’t wait for the midterms – hope we still have a country then.