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Primarily because of identity politics. This ideology is based on power relationships. It believes in any relationship outside of family and to a degree in families there is an oppressor and oppressed person. This is an ideology that does not recognize love, friendship, compassion, etc. in people meeting each other – just power. That is hateful and completely abhorrent to the Christian philosophy. The Democrats are immersed in this ideology which made Christians generally view Trump as better than Biden and since the stupidity of Covid and the desire to control lives, Biden has lost any chance of winning them back The good people of the United States of America fired his orange ass once, as did I, and this would be another record for him, to be fired twice by the same person!

That judge opened up a monster of a mess. It’s an ill-defined set of rules on Executive privilege, after leaving office. Just finding a special master that is qualified and cleared to look at it is going to be problematic. Of course, this judge was appointed by Trump. And we’ve seen how careful he was to get his nominees limited to those who kissed his ring most convincingly. She’s going to be applauded because this fits in with his ongoing actions to delay, delay, and delay any come-to-Jesus moment where he’ll have to face judgment. She may be guilty of obstruction of justice since there is no real reason to appoint a special master when the documents have already been gone over, and NO documents should have been there any way you look at it. It will be, I hope, appealed. Her legal reasoning isn’t resonating with attorneys, and we know from history that no matter who is appointed, he’ll spend another four years saying that master isn’t the right one. He’ll be facing Jesus for real before we get the answers we need for the country to move on. “They attack and hate me because they hate you! I speak for you so they attack me!! We will win because you are the righteous people who are great!! We are all one family!!” But the main point is that Trump’s promise to return manufacturing jobs to the US has of course totally failed … Why? Because no such jobs even exist anymore.

What made America wealthy from 1880 – 1980 it’s was vast, people-dependent on manufacturing. It was a mighty industrial economy sucking in other people’s raw materials and then selling the finished product back to them. But in and around 1970 the world changed and the USA entered into Post Industrialisation, along with the UK and some other nations. But the worst hit was and are the USA and UK. Needlessly over arrogant countries whose repugnant Hubris seems to have rotted out what brain they had. People who are truly not life experienced, rather they are ultra parochial. People who are at best, poorly educated. People who do understand economics or political realities or global trade … Instead want to be told by Trump “All is well and I will return the USA to 1955!!” or in the UK they wanted to be told, “Brexit will cure all your ills and return the UK to 1955!!”

In both cases, that is not happening, obviously. Jobs are not returning to the USA and Brexit is a truly malignant cancer destroying what little was left of the UK. In essence, then any cult leader tells the pretty much useless, that they are the greatest! It… All complete garbage of course. Ultimately, that ho vote for people like Trump, Johnson, or Hitler … are the people who will pay for the silliness of electing extreme people with extreme views However, there is no telling them. They only hear what they want to believe, such is the wonder of total ignorance. It is Dunning Kruger writ large. Ma’am, you need a reality check. No other POTUS homes will be searched because none of those people have been foolish or vain enough to take home classified material under absurd circumstances. There is nothing devious about the judicial process underway. What’s unusual is how Trump’s belief that he can get away with anything brought all this on.

Search warrants aren’t issued with proving probable cause to a judge. For-Mar El Lago a Trump-appointed judge approved the probable cause as related to the three federal statutes cited in the warrant. That approval means the judge agreed that the evidence showing probable cause pointed to violations of those cited statutes. Trump illegally took the classified documents from the White House, evidently just cause he thought they were his. He’s been stonewalling their return for months. He and his legal team signed and submitted a false affirmation that no classified material remained at the estate. The subsequent FBI search confirmed that they lied and led to many more questions about the empty classified files discovered in the search.


In my opinion, his actions long ago showed what his current actions seem to confirm, that he does not belong in the WH. As a result of his theft of classified government property and his inability to shut up about defending his big lie, he’s pretty much convicted himself. The only question that remains is what charges he and his co-conspirators will face, especially those elements of the Espionage Act on unauthorized possession of classified which was cited in the search warrant. This investigation isn’t about keeping him from re-election. It’s about proving that his illegal possession of classified materials and subsequent efforts to obstruct their recovery are criminal acts as defined by U.S. law. No, The documents were classified and the FBI sized them from his home with a search warrant. The Classified top secret documents were stolen by TRUMP without authorization from The National Archives. Trump has been allowed to completely corrupt all our constitutional jurisdiction laws and justice laws and legal norms so Trump can delay JUSTICE and commit “classified documents crimes”, who knows what Trump did? I doubt America will ever be allowed to investigate or interview or accuse of TRUMP’S actual criminal behavior. DICTATORSHIP CAN’T BE INVESTIGATED just ask Trump’s private judge, and the private news outlets he hand-picked his “executive privileges” means so crimes will never be prosecuted! Ask FOXFAKENEWS WILL HOLD TRUMP’S TRIAL or FUNDRAISER SHOW. A reality fake news show is our only fake justice?