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If Putin is overthrown, which is very much a totally separate issue, NATO’s reaction would depend on what happens next. Someone else is going to run the country; if this is someone who wants to end the war, everything is well and there will be talks; if it is someone who wants to double down the current situation will fundamentally go on until Russia has lost faster and worse. Ukraine simply wants to be able to fully enjoy its sovereignty. Sovereignty was recognized by Russia in 1994 in Budapest and confirmed by Putin himself in 2009 … Russia is already the largest country in the world. Putin would be better off trying to improve the lives of his people rather than trying to expand an already huge and challenging territory. On Taiwan’s side, there is obviously no such desire. Taiwan simply wants to continue to enjoy the democratic system that has allowed its people to prosper. The CCP does not support this, because it proves that the Chinese people can prosper with another system than the dictatorial one imposed by the CCP on the Chinese people for decades. Xi Jinping sees this as a huge risk!

Yes, it could. But before I panic I remind myself of a few facts. Regardless of who steps in Russia will be in exactly the same state. The army will be practically nonexistent, (and we’ve all seen the state of the remaining troops), the sanctions will be biting even harder preventing the manufacture of arms and weapons (most of their factory workers have already fled abroad anyway), only a few countries will want to have any business dealings with Russia, they will be having to sell their oil and gas at rock bottom prices, the Russians with the highest I.Q.s such as scientists, teachers, etc. have already left and the Russian civilians are already beginning to demonstrate their anger at so many of their men being sent to Ukraine as canon fodder. So now you’re probably wondering whether a new president would go nuclear. Whoever steps into Putin’s tiny shoes may be eviler and more barbaric than Putin but probably more intelligent, with fewer mental health issues. He will have friends and family that he wants to keep safe and he will know that all the countries with nuclear weapons will have those weapons pointed directly at all things Russian. One ill-considered move and if he survives he will no longer have a country to be president of. You also have to remember that the decision to carry out a nuclear strike is not down to one person. Several people have to agree before that button is pressed. I believe that during the Cuban crisis the order was given but was stopped before it could be launched. Not everybody in Russia is mad. Well hypothetically speaking, that would mean either Ukraine has fired a nuke themselves first or successfully managed to create a ‘dirty bomb’ such as directly bombing the nuclear power station they have been targeting recently. It’s about doing what you think is right. UN had all chances to prevent this conflict. The purpose of this “annexation” was to protect people. The purpose of this “operation” is to bring safety to people and end violence. That’s how Putin sees it. He protects people. He brings safety and order to regions torn by war and disorder for years. People are happy and welcome it. He really sees it this way. He is not forcing anything upon them. By adding these regions to Russia he is telling their people that Russia will not abandon them and that Russia won’t leave them to be tortured and killed. UN has nothing to do with this. He is absolutely sure that he is doing the right thing and he sees proof of it. Condemnation of other countries just makes him think that everyone is an enemy. Yes, they are terrified of the nutcase as you may know anyone that defies putrid Putin finds ways of ermm falling out of a window, under a bus, etc. so it’s a sure thing they are!!

No, b/c they both committed the same error: fighting a war they couldn’t win by constantly feeding soldiers like cannon fodder. IOW, they were fighting to the point of that last man standing on the battlefield. Not smart at all. Historically, Russia has tended to swing back and forth on leadership: strongman, then a fool, then a strongman, then a fool. I don’t think it is a coincidence. By definition, strongmen tend to make sure that there is no one else strong near the levers of power to avoid the risk that they might be deposed. That usually means that when the strongman falls, a rando with little real authority of control tries to make the best of it. And they fudge along as best they can until they in turn are deposed by the next strongman. I have often imagined a scenario, where his aide brings him his morning cup of tea to his office, dosed with Novichok or polonium, locks the office door securely, and then a video camera streams live footage of the results to a global audience, including an audio stream, so we can all see and hear his death. According to Putin’s propaganda, the gas shortage is merely Russia’s rational and proportionate reaction against Europe’s sanctions. And the sanctions are, of course, entirely without cause and imposed for no reason upon an unsuspecting and entirely innocent Russia.

So why are European countries sanctioning Russia? Oh, I cannot imagine. It’s not as though Russia has done anything recently to deserve them, now is it? Oh, it has, you say? Well what, then? Why on earth is Europe being so nasty to poor Russia? , the good point now you mention it, let me think… No, you’re right, I can’t actually think of any reason for the sanctions… I mean, maybe if Russia had invaded a foreign country, undermined peace and security in Europe, or threatened nuclear war against the West, then perhaps sanctions just might have been justified. But nice, innocent, friendly old Russia would never dream of doing something like that, now would it? Russia caused this war. There is no cause outside Russia itself. No matter how much Russia might protest to the contrary, it is not an innocent party. It is the perpetrator; the aggressor. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they’re gaslighting you.

I think he is showing Russians what a Russian civil war would look like. All of the war in Ukraine is the same. For him, it is not a war against the West. He does not care about the West. It is not a war against the country of Ukraine. It is a war against rebelling Russians, in his mind. On the eve of his attack, he reminded Russians in a televised speech about his belief that Ukraine is not a separate entity. They are Russians (to him and to Russia). He bombs cities to dust, not because they are Ukrainian but because they are Russian (to him and to Russians anyway). He toys with nuclear power plants (plural) not because they are foreign and far away, but because they are Russian (he even declared Zaporižžja power plant as Russian) and they are near. He does not protect or try to save Russian soldiers in Ukraine, not despite that they are Russian, but because they are Russian. He encourages rape and mass murder of civilians by his soldiers in Ukraine and at the same time is sending a message that there is really no border between Ukraine and Russia. It is the same country (to him). So, when Ukrainians succeed, he does not focus on gaining strategic military victories of his own. He just focuses on making every move against him as painful as possible. He bombs civilians. Not just with the bridge, it is every single time Ukrainians advance, Russia retaliates mostly or entirely against civilian targets. Because that is what he would do in a Russian civil war. If people marched towards Moscow (they won’t), he wouldn’t fire so much on the crowd. For every step they took, he would bomb their homes, their children, and their nuclear plants. To him it is okay that Russians suffer from western sanctions, they should, because he has not gotten, what he wants. It is okay if Russians believe he will drive the country to bankruptcy and will not back down. “If you don’t want that, see to it that things go as I like!” He would send Russian soldiers to rape and murder rebel families in their home town and force Russians to murder Russian soldiers. Russian soldiers are random Russians kidnapped from the streets, be it in Donetsk or in the city of Chelyabinsk. Rebels could destroy him, but by that time they would not have a Russia left to come home to.

Is Putin skilled in logistics? No. Is he good at combined arms operations? No. Is he excelling in strategy? No. Tactics? No. Air support? No. Cyber warfare? Mmmmm… no. Surgical strikes? Haha… no. Economics? No. Fossil fuel trade? No. Covert operations? No, it is supposed to be his specialty, but no. Media? No. Media suppression? No. Spending state income wisely? No. Health care? No. Education? No. Plumbing? No. But he is still really good at scaring Russians. His ONE skill is making Russians say: “For goodness sake, give that bully, what he wants before he destroys everything and everyone!” No, I do not know how hard it is to hide two meters of cockroach wings under a suit. I have never tried to do this before. Have you? If you have, why don’t you enlighten us? Perhaps there are some of us who would like to give this a try. As for myself, I think I will pass on this challenge.