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It means you are unfit to be responsible for a pet. A responsible pet owner doesn’t waste time asking such a question of random strangers on the internet, while their pet is starving itself to death, instead of immediately taking the pet to a vet. Take your dog to a vet… right fewkin’ now. If the vet manages to save him from your neglect, the next step is to rehome him to someone who will take proper, responsible care of him. By the way, don’t try to excuse your neglect with a claim of ignorance, no matter how true it may be. Responsible people learn how to properly care for an animal before they adopt it as a pet. It could be a few things. Is he able to move? Or is he tense up and can’t move? If that’s the case it could be epilepsy I have a dog that’s epileptic. My old dog Boss when he caught the wind of a female in heat he would do that. We would be walking he would find a pee spot from a girl dog in heat and he would foam at the mouth and be drooling. There might have been a small shake… Did you give him flea medicine?? I have seen overdoses that the dogs drooling and shaking. Could be a few things. To be safe I would take him to a vet. He might have an absent tooth… NO SUGARS!! NONE. And yes that is no peanut butter Unlike cats which choose based on how the person treats the cat and respects boundaries, dogs prefer one over the other because of the strength(s) of the person. Usually, the one that demonstrates being both the alpha of the household and the most benevolent to the pack is the one that is chosen over the less dominant and defers command/control to that one person that demonstrates this stance.

My mother’s current and her previous dogs demonstrate this. When it comes to me, they have always preferred me and accepted my commands without so much as a second thought. They never bark when I’m the only one in the house and know not to warn me about anything going on in the neighborhood. They obey anything that I command them to do, including sitting and staying. My mother is second in command and most of her dogs do the sentry thing when it’s her in the house. She’ll bark at things that are potentially a threat outside the house or invade the yard space if it’s unexpected; including armadillos and deer. My mother’s husband is completely ignored. They consider him the bottom of the pack in spite of him thinking he’s the “alpha” of the house. My mother’s current dog will walk all over him and his commands because he has a habit of treating the dogs like fur babies and expect them to understand more complex commands and phrases (assuming they’re like toddler children) than actual dogs or members of the pack. She’ll also bark at everything, including me if I’m in the office and she doesn’t see me. (Yet the instant my mother’s dog sees me, she stops barking and no amount of commands from my mother’s husband will stop her). When someone says they are allergic to dogs or cats it’s the dander that is the allergy part. The dander is the dry skin and saliva that is shed off the animal like our dandruff. That’s why they react to licking as well. Some breeds that are listed as hypoallergenic just mean they don’t shed as much dry skin or groom as much, therefore, causing much fewer reactions.

You CAN in some cases become nonreactive to your own pets. Both of my daughter’s developed cat and dog allergies in their late teens after living with cats their entire lives. They have since both moved into their own homes and both have adopted their own cats that they do not react to. They still react to both my cats and dog as well as their grandparent’s cats. We did not have a fenced yard so I walked them both three times a day around our suburban blocks. At first, I used individual leads (leashes). This was very awkward as they became tangled when both tried to walk closest to me. Duke, the alpha, protested when Chopin tried to shove him to get closest to me. Their leads became hopelessly snarled in their jockeying for position. I had to do something to resolve it. The problem was solved immediately as now they could not get tangled. Duke, magnanimously, then allowed Chopin to walk closest to me without a fuss. I was quite surprised. On my walks, I even saw a dog owner using a triple coupling attachment on her three Scotty dogs that looked quite happy with their arrangement.

If you need to walk more than one dog I recommend these lead couplers rather than trying to struggle with multiple individual leads that get tangled. Dogs seem to like them too once they are used to them so you and they should have no worries. My dog’s skin is white and pink with one or two black spots…. Now if you remember your basic science skin color is determined by the quantity of melanin pigment. The darker the skin, the more melanin pigment is present. The same thing applies to eye color and hair color. This is what makes everyone unique and beautiful, and that applies to dogs as well.
If it’s someone’s pet just ask if it’s up to date on its rabies vaccine if it is your fine if it’s not watching the pet for 10 days if it’s not dead or showing symptoms your fine if it’s a stray you can try to get a vaccine but 99% of doctors will not give one to you as for birds they aren’t a mammal they cannot in any circumstances get rabies My experience with rescue dogs indicates that they are grateful for a forever home. Some bond with their adopters, some don’t, with varying degrees in between. I’ve adopted six or seven rescues. Their degree of bonding went from “Oh, hi. Feed me.” to “Mom, I love you to pieces and I’ll do anything for you.” Most were closer to the latter end of the spectrum than the former.

We also had six dogs adopted as puppies. Their bonds varied as well, although the puppies tended to develop stronger bonds than the adult dogs. Some people don’t want to support the breeders because it leads to overpopulation and that leads to more abandoned animals and more animals ending up in overcrowded shelters. And finally, all Training Tools exist along a continuum of “Aversiveness”, starting with a plain flat collar and a leash, then on a rising scale of aversiveness, Slip Leads, Choke Collars, Martingale Collars, Prong Collars, and ECollars. Not only do I accept that a certain level of “Aversive” training is built into even the “Purely Positive” training methodology, but I also practice the “LIMA” method of applying any and all training tools and methods… And when misused, they can also become tools of the most abhorrent, horrifying torture. I have seen dogs permanently damaged by them. Read the label. Dogs can eat vegetables as well as meat and do fine: omnivore: “Omni” means “everything.” Except for animal hair and ground-up chicken beaks… which is what “animal BYPRODUCTS” means. Don’t waste your money on in-digestible nonfood fillers!


The last dog I trained: the puppy cost 2300€ The insurance, vet, and other stuff around 2000€ Food was 1500€ (about 700€ annually) gear was maybe 200 (toys bed, etc, and I use a lot of used stuff) shows tests Bla bla bla. 500e annually after the first year. I usually train the dog multiple times a Day (i have only one dog at a time. It is more hobby) with a maximum of 1h 15 min total. But it is done every Day so it is 400 hours of training a year. Don’t get bothered if your owner takes your food bowl. It’s amazing how some tasty treats find their way into the bowl when it returns. Dogs learn this very quickly and no longer get bothered if you take their bowl away. They know when it comes back it will be better than before. Most dogs don’t like having their paws touched. When mine was a puppy, I would touch her everywhere, multiple times a day. Now, nothing bothers her. Vets can examine and care for her with ease. It is best to brush a dog or cat’s teeth every day. The benefits are the same as for a human, it protects their teeth and gums from decay and disease, and gives fresh breath.