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Without clear leadership, and with no outside help arriving in time, the war is over in a week. What’s the point in punishing Russia when they’ve already won? I think Trump is a sniveling bitch who doesn’t have a clue who he can successfully intimidate. The Pulitzer Committee isn’t one of his MAGA yokels who cower before him and happily kiss his ass. The Committee has been a successful, well-respected organization for more than a century, whereas Trump has failed at literally EVERYTHING he’s ever attempted. He should stick with the only thing he does halfway successfully—Leading a group of illiterate bumpkins who do nothing but bitch and moan about intelligent adults who want nothing to do with him. Of course, the Orange Bloated Leader just wants to stay in the news and desperately wants to remain relevant. Whether forecast: 99% chance of bloviation. But let’s take the Former Guy at his word and consider such a suit. There would be a number of hurdles that would make it extremely unlikely to succeed: Trump argues that his reputation was damaged by the NYT and WP articles. As a public figure and politician, he would need to prove actual malice—that these papers knowingly printed either false statements or recklessly unverified statements that were injurious. See Defamation Lawsuit | Libel And Slander Lawyers | Actual Malice (Legal Advice).

Trump would have to provide evidence for these supposed lies based upon “false and fabricated information”, and specifically references the information revealed in the Sussman trial. News flash: Michael Sussman was quickly acquitted of the single charge against him, and no new blockbuster information was forthcoming. After Trump won an unlikely defamation suit against these papers, to win a defamation suit against the Pulitzer Organization, he would then have to show some type of reckless behavior or illegal collusion (hah, the irony) between Pulitzer and these papers. My hunch is that Trump would be ripped apart during discovery and interview to such an extent that it would likely not even make it to trial. um, no, the implications of that would tear this country apart and violate the law. Not only does it make who’s allowed to vote based on opinion, but assumes people don’t learn or voted based on the same understandings.

Imagine being a normal person and voting for Trump because you heard they were good at handling money and would help the nation’s debt, and then being barred from voting again because other people voting for the same guy tried to invade the Whitehouse believing in some satanic pedo-trafficking conspiracy. The best thing to do there is to improve the nation’s public education system and promote a smart culture so that people make decisions that are better informed and based on reality. When the fire gets too hot for trump, it’s a “hoax”. It’s a shield he erects when he’s shit scared. And he’s shit scared. The January 6 coup was no practical joke, which is what a hoax is. Reality will whir to life. Boom: lights will flash as the scoreboard resets. A stainless-steel ball filled with neck-snapping nuggets of unmitigated truth will clink into place, ready to hurtle down the shooter alley toward a maze of ramps, bumpers, and traps. And the events of January 6 will be flipped through it, like a steel plunger in a pinball machine.

Trump is not altogether stupid. He’s aware of the mountains of evidence and the testimonies of numerous witnesses that were handed over behind closed doors. While many individuals with a lack of merit or ethics tried to skate out from underneath, many other senior Republicans have set the record straight and confirmed that trump did indeed attempt to lead a coup to salvage his doomed presidency.
There are also the asides. The Department of Justice has been investigating some of the events concerning the Capitol attack and that is not going away either. There are over 800 people charged with federal crimes relating to the riot on January 6 and almost 200 have been sentenced with approximately 100 awaiting trial dates. His supporters received a link to a falsely written, poorly researched article mentioning Brian Kemp’s victory over trump-endorsed David Perdue was pure, downright voter fraud. You don’t need to be reminded that Kemp won by more than 50 points simply because he was not only a popular incumbent but he refrained from criticism and abstained from endorsing trump’s lies about the 2020 election.

It’s also worth noting how many Republicans have attributed their party’s loss of Georgia Senate seats in the January 2021 runoffs to sparse audience attendance. A step further than most trump-supporting Republican officials have been willing to take is that they inherently know trump’s incessant false claims about the 2020 election attributed to their demise. Now, he’s suggesting once again, that the GOP presidential nominee, himself, is the result of a fraudulent election. I wonder. Is that going to matter in November? Case in point: 55 lawmakers who objected to the 2020 election results have already run in competitive primaries. These contests were largely conducted under the same rules and regulations as those in 2020, yet not a soul has raised doubts about vote counts. Glaringly missing are the right-wing-nut conspiracy theories about mail ballots and not one has called for a ‘forensic audit’ or further investigations of the 2022 primary results. Fancy that huh! While trump grinds away at the last empirical splinter of his fantasy, the rest of the world has quit listening to him and moved on. I have never agreed with anything Trump said, and this is no exception. What is more, when Trump appeared at the recent NRA convention, they banned guns. If Trump actually meant what he’d said, he would have demanded that everyone at the convention is carrying at least one loaded gun each.


nobody really believes that the USA would be a safer place if everyone had a gun, and if you doubt this, propose a drive to help inner-city children purchase guns for their own protection. See how long it takes for the QGP to find reasons why this is a terrible idea. But they believe that guns make America a safer place. Or so they claim to believe. He probably knows most other people are of somewhat superior intellect and he has to “compensate” the only way he knows, berate, undercut and lie about them. It’s his only solution to lifelong insecurity and fear that somebody might shit in him. Hate and the accompanying recklessness have dominated his life so that he really knows nothing else. His long-standing social insecurities and impulsive lack of judgment are a hallmark of his business life and vendetta-laced personality. That should cover him.. All of his supporters gain enough brains and insight to understand exactly what kind of pieces of shit Trump and the Republican Party are, what Trump and the Republican Party have done wrong, and understand and accept the proof of every criminal act they have perpetrated and learn just how horrible they have acted towards Americans, especially every poor and middle-class person in the United States.