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The Republicans are disorganized- they hate Donald but they are also curious as to how he is going to shit himself. By the time they realize that after Crimea Europe is mine it will be too late. Oh, what other nice, very nice ideas I have for our man in the White House…Beautiful ideas. And I am going to make them work nicely. I know that Donald won’t last long as president. Once the Republicans find out that the world is mine they will want to impeach him. This shouldn’t happen. He must not answer their questions. We at KGB know very well that accidents happen just when we need them most. There was a blind Bulgarian fortune teller who predicted that Obama is going to be the last US president and that the EU will seize to exist. Her name was Vanga. So far she had predicted everything right. True professional. Obama will really be the last US president because Donald is our man. As for the EU, it will become again the sanitary cordon of Russia, the Crimean way. One by one each European country will vote to join Russia. Exciting times! Very exciting times. Now you know why I was ordered by the Russian people to work for them, mandate after mandate. The chicken lands once only on your shoulder and my mission is not to miss that moment. There are a bunch of reasons, and none of them have to do with Ukraine being a democracy — In Ukraine, where the president has targeted, oppressed, or shut down all serious opposition parties and media, there’s less democracy than there is in Russia. And Russia is perfectly fine with being in alliance with democratic Armenia. ‘Because Putin’s afraid of Ukraine’s democracy is a mindless ‘they hate us for our freedoms’ / ‘they do bad things because they’re evil’ propaganda slogan.

The US overthrew Ukraine’s government in 2014 to try to kick Russia out of the exceedingly-strategic Crimean peninsula, where Russia had a large military base since the dissolution of the USSR by treaty with Kyiv. The US used its failed plot as an excuse to wage economic war against Russia and to funnel weapons into Ukraine. Although Ukraine is still no match for Russia, NATO has built-up Ukraine’s military considerably in recent years. And that military is intended to be used about Donetsk and Lugansk, and potentially against Russia. Russia wants to neutralize it before that can happen. NATO is a hyper-aggressive, anti-Russia military alliance that has, in just the last 20 years, invaded and destroyed one country after another and mass-murdered millions of people in wars of aggression based on lies. Ukraine, Russia’s neighbor, has refused to give up on its NATO aspirations, and NATO has refused to agree that Ukraine won’t ever be allowed to join NATO. Putin has warned that Ukraine joining NATO would likely result in a nuclear war between NATO and Russia, and previously made it clear that Russia would not allow Ukraine to become part of NATO. NATO’s sordid history means that no one should trust NATO, least of all Russia. Ukraine has a lot of Nazis, and the US, UK, and Canada have been knowingly, wilfully training, and supplying Ukraine’s Nazis for years. Russia hates Nazis, and Nazis hate Russia. And no matter what anybody tells you about Ukraine’s Nazi problem being ‘Russian propaganda’, they are either lying to you and doing propaganda themselves, or they have been fooled by other people’s propaganda. Ukraine has a very large Nazi issue, and Ukraine is the biggest hub of neo-Nazism in the world. Here’s an answer I gave that shows some of the actual situation in Ukraine with Nazis, and which provides some links to articles about the West’s sponsorship of Ukraine’s Nazis.

Following the US overthrow of Ukraine’s government, the post-2014-coup Ukrainian army has been shelling Donetsk and Lugansk for 8 years while refusing to honor the Minsk agreements, in which Ukraine agreed to grant Donetsk and Lugansk special autonomous status and respect their use of the Russian language. Ukraine had made perfectly clear that it had no intention to fulfill the Minsk agreement, outright saying as much, and NATO wasn’t doing anything to try to press Ukraine to abide by the Minsk agreements. Russia had enough of watching Donetsk and Lugansk be brutalized by Ukraine with no end in sight. Crimea is traditionally supplied with fresh water from the Dnieper River in Ukraine, via the North Crimean Canal. In reaction to Crimea’s accession to Russia in 2014, Ukraine cut off Crimea’s water supply, which has made things more difficult in Crimea — although, Russia has been developing water supply sources in Crimea to help alleviate the situation. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has seen Russia reopen North Crimean Canal which supplies fresh water to Crimea. According to a recent speech by Putin, it sounds like perhaps he cannot tolerate the idea that the former territories of the USSR which were allowed independence would be turned against Russia, which is the official successor state of the USSR. Putin isn’t willing to have NATO constantly using its neighbors against it, and regards Ukraine as part of Russia’s family, even when they’re in conflict with each other. It should be noted that relations between Ukraine and Russia were just fine until the US overthrew Ukraine’s government in 2014.

And, lastly, Ukraine’s president made threats to renounce Ukraine’s non-nuclear status and participation in the Non-Proliferation treaty. This comment was made in direct response to Russia’s recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk, and so it was clear that Ukraine was suggesting that it could acquire nuclear weapons to be used against Russia, either offensively or as a deterrent. Ukraine having nukes it could use against Russia might not be different than Ukraine being in NATO and having NATO’s nukes stationed in it, pointed at Russia. Apparently, that was the final straw that sealed Russia’s resolve to invade Ukraine. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators suffered symptoms of suspected poisoning earlier this month after a meeting in Kyiv. Abramovich, who accepted a Ukrainian request to help negotiate an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and at least two senior members of the Ukrainian team, were affected, Monday’s report said, citing people familiar with the matter. The sources blamed the suspected attack on “hard-liners in Moscow who they said wanted to sabotage talks to end the war,” the WSJ quoted. A person familiar with the matter confirmed the incident to the Reuters news agency but said Abramovich had not allowed it to stop him from working.

So the oligarchs are trying to end the war. Certain hard-liners want it to continue. As the war boys down and sanctions impose a tighter grip on the Russian economy, look for internal tensions to get hotter. The Russian constitution currently says that Putin can be head of state until 2024, after two six-year terms in a row in office as president. But official titles and posts do not correlate directly to power under the Russian régime. Putin has been in power for eighteen years and could remain there for another eighteen or more. Just ask his subjects: only one in twenty-five Russians believed that Dmitry Medvedev held sole power while he was the placeholder president, between Putin’s two official tenures. Update: in March 2020 the Russian president reduced term limits (having earlier relaxed them) and tightened the requirements for candidacy. At the same time, he sprung a new law on his subjects that will allow him to continue ruling them until 2036. “Under the Russian constitution.”


Putin has made a colossal error, and the only control he now has is when to end it. Likely, Putin will not stop the invasion until Kyiv falls and a regime is put in place which is friendly to Moscow. Ultimately that regime will have to be supported as the West will continue to arm a resistance that will become stronger and able to overthrow the Russian-supported regime. For Putin to be able to do this, he would need an economy that could handle the loss of billions a year to fight against a proxy war. Yet, what Russia has now is an economy where international payments cannot even be made. While Russia is still likely to be able to trade with China and other key nations which have long-standing ties to Russia, the trade is severely limited. Russian oil not sold to the West will likely still be managed to be sold elsewhere, but it will not fetch global rates. Russia’s economy is likely going to be just above where it was in the late 1990s and growth will be hard to create. Yet, even so, it is unlikely Russia will collapse, even removing Putin from power is not a definite scenario. What is likely is that this military invasion is the last Putin can manage, and the catastrophe it has become will not fade quickly. Russian leaders cannot retire once they fail, they have to stay in power until the end, and Putin knows this. He may as well plan on facing a war he can never fully win, and a domestic reality he cannot even approach to remedy in full. He has created a reality that has all too often been that of Russia in history. What do I, Vladimir Putin, think of Donald Trump? Any foreigner from a Western country who comes to spend time in Russia is being monitored by my KGB operatives. Do you think billionaire playboys will be neglected? Once the foreigner is processed he is forever ours. Donald does not yet know. He is excited to do business with me. When he starts doing business with me, he will be reminded of a few sweet surrenders he had in his Moscow hotel. Then we will start doing business-my way. I don’t need NATO above all and he already approaches my opinion from a different direction. No Warsaw Pact-no NATO. Simple logics. I hate the Germans and so does he. None of us fancies Europe being Merkelled. We will solve this problem and then Europe will go my way. Because Donald is our man. Our man in the White House. What next? It is planned-we will divide the world into our spheres of interest in a brotherly way. Take Africa and the Middle East for example. He will get Egypt (it has no petrol) and build a Trump Tower among the pyramids. I get Syria and Turkey. He gets then Zimbabwe, I get South Africa and Namibia, and so on in turn. This is brotherly. He won’t mind. He is our man in the White House. Nobody knows that. Only me, Donald, and Mr. Steele, if I remember his name rightly. Mr. Steele will soon have an accident. His Russian partner, KGB general Erovinkin who supplied him with Trump evidence had just received a heart attack at the back of his car in Moscow.