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Alpha rolls and not allowing the dog out the door first and forces them to down/stay when they are clearly uncomfortable (like in a crowd of strange dogs who are all free and standing) and all the other DT crapola doesn’t make you dominant. Being a reliable trusted leader is what you need to be. I’d turn you into authorities for animal abuse/neglect. But if you insist, one humane way to find out what would happen is to stop feeding yourself for a week. That would be your choice and I’d leave you to it. I assure you that the litter box that I have in my bathroom for my two cats is fine for them, but my 110# Labrador’s butt wouldn’t come close to fitting in it. He has to go outside. He’s an old man and has to go out every couple of hours. Dogs often have arthritis and there are several things you can do. The first thing, check their diet. I have seen very significant changes when I switch rescues to a raw beef diet. Most canned and kibble is full of by-products, meals, and corn. This provides no nutrients whatsoever and their health pays. You can feed raw or gently cooked protein like beef chicken, fish, and venison. Some brown rice or oatmeal, cooked vegs like spinach, sweet potato, and carrots. I add powdered bone meal (for people, not the stuff marketed for dogs.) you don’t need much, it gives them the benefit of bones without the risk.

If your dog is uncomfortable (struggling to stand up/lie down, go upstairs, etc talk to your vet about pain medicine. Pets should no more be in pain than people and there are many options. one important note: if your dog is taking pain medicine, manage their activity. Walks are helpful, but they may want to jump or play to ouch and end up being in more pain! When you say park, is it an unleashed dog park or just a park? My pup does not do well in the unleashed dog park because she is fearsome and other dogs smell that so we just take her to a regular park. Most dogs love parks so only signs I could think of would be, if they refuse to come, maybe they are in pain, they are old, can’t walk that much, some tragic incident occurred and they are trying to cope with it and are disinterested in anything around them. You don’t mention the breed, there are some breeds who just like to cozy up at home and not walk much. If the dog is doing just fine and you suddenly approach and forcibly turn it on its’ back, it is a firm of attack. When your dog is lying down and is comfortable with you, take plenty Now, I have a female. She LOVES to have her little nipples rubbed. Not one at a time, Just long strokes of gentle brushing. Brushing, not petting.

No. Since the invention of hot dogs. The King of Chicago, Harry Carey in 1484 declared that only whole slices of tomato shall touch the sacred “weinerwurst”, but only Chicago & Rhode Island have remembered this tradition and all will be punished for forgetting this! It will not kill the dog, but it is a high-calorie, high-fat snack that may also be loaded with sugar, so not a good choice and some dogs can choke on a wad of peanut butter & bread. Peanut butter can be good to hide pills in almost dogs like it. Keep it in the fridge and it will be more like clay and easier to wrap around a pill. Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs, so never feed them any & never feed pet rats PB as they can choke on it. Rats can’t throw up, so if PB gets stuck it can kill them as they can not get it out. Have you talked with your neighbor about this? He might be willing to let you install a muffler at your expense. He is certainly not liable to pay for it himself, because this seems to be your problem, not his!

Since I don’t really know of anyone who has a dog and doesn’t like the dog, I can only think of one reason: this person uses the dog as a scapegoat, when something or someone makes them angry they take it out on the dog! This is only speculation, but if this is true for one or many scum bags. I truly hope each and everyone is either eaten by the abused dogs or is found out by a professional interrogator, who enjoys using tools of the worst kind and pain for days, weeks, and years! It’s heartless but so is the abuse of children, animals, and the helpless! Of course, they can. You would get warnings first to keep your pest quiet so listen to the warnings if you don’t want it taken away. Your neighbors deserve peace and quiet in their homes and you’re selfish to allow your dog to disturb them if you’ve already been told and deserve it taken away. Ask your local doctor and public health people. As a vet, we do get an additional booster after a bite from a suspected or known rabid animal. It takes 2+4 weeks for vaccines to. induce sufficient protection. No this is a concern because he can become very dehydrated causing death. You need to take him to the vet. Chances are he needs intravenous fluids to hydrate him until the gastrointestinal tract settles down as well as antibiotics.

When I adopted Aura, I drove to the adoption event, and I had a leash with me, along with my youngest child, who happened to be in junior high. We looked at several dogs. I had a good idea of exact what I was looking for. I met every dog I was interested in and narrowed it down into two. We finally decided on Aura. I filled out my application and it was accepted. I put my leash on her, we drove home. Very simple process. Oh, I do have to say, I later volunteered with this organization because they did such a great job at making the adoption process as simple as possible, while, at the same time, you knew that they were also being very careful to not just hand out the dog to just anyone. I learned this process and agreed with most of it. Many dogs just naturally love to fetch. I’ve had 3 Labs and they all LOVED to fetch a stick or a ball. I didn’t have to teach them — they were just naturally, retrievers. You can MAYBE teach a dog who doesn’t want to fetch, to play this game with you. Give them the ball. Then exchange the ball for a treat. Repeat a few times. Now set the ball down and try getting them to understand if they pick it up and give it to you, they can have another treat. If that works, roll it a couple of feet and get them to pick it up and give it to you. If that works, roll the ball a few more feet, and get them to get the ball. At this point, you’ve taught them to fetch. Keep increasing the distance each time until you are actually throwing the ball, and the retrievers.

If your dog isn’t motivated by treats, well good luck. I’ve had 15 dogs in 48 years, and never had a dog who wasn’t motivated by treats. My Doberman also LOVES to chase a ball. Give it back — sometimes. And sometimes she doesn’t give it back because she wants me to CHASE her. I don’t play chase so if she won’t give it back, fine then game over until she gives me the ball. Ragdoll and Siamese are cat breeds. They’re as independent as most cats. However, Ragdoll’s heritage means your cat may go limp when picked up, and that means she may require protection from curious little hands and fingers. It’s possible she could be thrown, or hurt some other way.