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I personally haven’t met a single nationalist separatist who acknowledges GERS or happily respects the will of the electorate. Most are zealots unable to acknowledge reality. Well of course never take your dog to a vet when you are not happy with them your dog probably is not happy with the vet either it’s your right to do what you think is best for your dog ask around check on google for the best vet in your area try them out if not happy keep trying good luck German Shepherds have an “Under Coat” So they seem to have more hair then breeds which have single coats…The “Under Coats” are meant to keep the German Shepherd warm in the cold weather…The German Shepherd is a herding dog and was bred to be with their herds which would be outside during all types of weather… The way you control their “Under Coats” is to groom them every few days…Particularly during the two times which the German Shepherd sheds…There are “Shedding Tools” which help in this process… If the dog can be cured or live without pain thru meds, fine. But if it is going to suffer and have a painful life, isn’t it better for the dog that it not suffer?

at one point I lived on a very busy street. My little dog Molly could go outside any time she wanted without supervision and she always stayed in the yard and wouldn’t cross the street for any reason whatsoever. Didn’t matter what was on the other side of the road or what was going on. She never left the yard without coming and getting me to go with her. I didn’t need to leash her when we went on walks. She always stopped at intersections and waited for me to tell her it was ok to cross the street. She stay right by my side when I asked her to or she go out in front of me when I told her to LEAD!
Anyone that had ever seen all the things Molly would do was amazed at how smart she was! People ask me all the time how did I teach her to do those things? I never taught her anything but how to roll over as a puppy. She picked it up rolling over in less than 5 minutes she had it down! Anything else she do, she just did whatever I asked her to do! I truly believe she understood everything I ever said to her! Had her for 13 years and got her when she was only 5 weeks old. So no one else ever trained her either! In those 13 years, there wasn’t a day she didn’t amaze me. Made me laugh too at times! Like the first time I forget to fill up her dog bowl with dog food. She grabbed her dog bowl from the kitchen and brought it into the living room and threw her dog bowl at me. As if to say did you forget to feed me? I want my food! So I got on the ball and made sure she got fed right away! She never wanted anything for long. She got what she wanted including a )15.90 steak at a restaurant when I went out to dinner. She went with me everywhere and if I stopped for food I ordered for her too. Far as I’m concerned she more than deserved anything and everything I could ever give to her. And more! She was my pride and joy and we had a very strong bond. She even loved riding on my motorcycle with me too. We were never separated for more than a few minutes at a time if that?

Dogs from 501(c)3 rescues are fully vetted, temperament tested & often taught basic manners from a foster before being released. But they come with an adoption fee. It doesn’t cover what was likely spent on them but is considerably steeper than the fee from an animal control facility. Dogs obtained from governmental impound facilities get little, if any health attention or treatment. Many are simply killed at intake if they are sick, injured, or deemed aggressive (whether they actually are or not) if state or local law does not provide otherwise, or if there are no volunteers/humane organizations to assist while they are being held. Some are held for only 3 days before they go to the kill room. Owner surrenders can be & often are killed as soon as they go through the door to the animal containment area. Adoption fees from impounds are typically cheap, as they only cover (hopefully) the low-quality food they’ve eaten & rabies vaccination, & licensing if required. Some facilities also include spay/neuter in the fee, others require adopters to pay for this or provide a voucher. Continued life for a dog once impounded is, as they say, a crap shoot.

So, as you can see, if you’re compassionate, & your finances & ability to work with an animal can handle it, adopting from an AC is better, for the dog facing death. Well, I do not have the intelligence to understand that you could not get food into your mouth with it closed so, my absolutely ignorant original question was actually about talking with a dog and NOT about your mouth being open. Of course not, they’re Not humans. Generally, they come into the season every six months for 21 days. However, when there is no dog in the house it can be annually. The correct term is bitch for a “ female dog”. They are carnivores and need protein and enzymes from fresh meat, quality canned dog food, and quality dog biscuits. Or they will be malnourished and can get sick and even starve fed on other foods. No, my old dog blue started losing teeth when he was 10 years old .thats 70 in doggy years. It also depends on the breed and how healthy they are. Just think about how many dogs died of exposure. I don’t get it unless you own a dog with very little fur and you live where it’s very cold! If had dogs my whole life and even though they are just like my children which I don’t have I would never put clothes on them because I do realize they’re animals! People say Oh They Love dressing up, and I say did they tell you that? I don’t get it.

My two whippets started this thing called reverse sneezing, which is caused by dust, pollen, and dirt. Whippets love to run laps so we gave them our backyard to do that in,.However, the dirt was so packed down, so we had clouds of dust when they ran, to the point I could see the clouds billow. The irritants cause soft palate irritation and the sound was just horrifying. I thought they were both sick, but as I watched them I figured out what it was. Yes, some dry heaving. Eliminate this problem first but don’t overlook the issue that the dog could be sick. Call the vet’s office to see what their take is on it. Hubby laid down fresh soil which covered the dust and the problem went away. I would say about 30mins to 2 hours. Larger dogs may need more. It really depends on the breed and size. But it can’t hurt to give them more time to exercise if you’re able. I’m curious what your dog does that makes you think he is “dominant”. Because in all my many years of owning dogs and fostering dogs and training dogs I have never had one of those. Dominance in actual animal behavior terms refers to control of resources such as food and breeding. Clearly, in most pet households, the human is undeniably dominant. My dogs don’t eat until I feed them. And I don’t allow them to breed.

The concept of dominance theory which interprets all kinds of canine behavior as dominance was disproved as a theory decades ago. It was based on faulty science derived from observations of unrelated captive wolves. It’s basically nonsense. In the wild wolves live in family groups and the “alpha” male and female are mom and dad. In addition to that flaw, wolves are not behaviorally similar to dogs. If anything, dogs are like wolves who never advanced beyond being dependent cubs. That dominance theory was resurrected by that famous dog trainer on TV and was a really bad thing for the dogs in this country. There are tons of articles online supporting what I’ve written here. Even the Monks of New Skete have stopped flogging DT. So, what dogs need is leadership, routine, and structure. They need boundaries (rules) and to understand what is expected of them. To get there you establish a schedule and stick to it. Dogs thrive in a predictable environment. You train them using a balanced method where you primarily reward the behaviors you want to see. You provide exercise and grooming to promote your bond. Dogs who know the rules are happy dogs.