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Sen. Joe Biden carries both of his sons, Joseph R. III, left, and Robert H., during an appearance at the Democratic state convention in the summer of 1972. At the center is his wife Neilia Biden, who was killed in an auto crash on Dec. 20, 1972. With them are Governor-elect Sherman W. Tribbett and his wife, Jeanne. Four-year-old Beau Biden plays while his dad, Joe Biden, is sworn in as the U.S. senator for Delaware, by Senate Secretary Frank Valeo, left, during ceremonies in a Wilmington hospital in January 1973. Beau was injured in an accident that killed his mother and sister. Mrs. Biden’s father, Robert Hunter, holds the bible. Let us put aside the nonsense about this type of aliens and assume they are reasonably bright as they have mastered interstellar travel They will probably assume any direct contact will cause mass panic. This is particularly true of countries where most have access to firearms and a shoot first attitude is common like the USA.

That would be very risky even if you could hack into the system. They probably would have a backup system. In fact, they have a backup system called “dead man’s switch”. Even if you kill all of the Russian military and leadership the system will retaliate by launching nuclear strikes. Anyway, You can’t hack systems that could launch a nuclear strike as if it’s an ATM machine. Hackers would have done it already. Suppose it was possible it would be the riskiest thing ever. It would be like giving a three-year-old baby a hand grenade and hoping the baby won’t be able to pull out the safety pin. What I mean is you can’t be sure that all nuclear weapons are neutralized. There could be a submarine operating independently that could still devastate you. I don’t think Russia needs to be liberated. Russians are happy with Vladimir Putin and over 70 percent of them support the invasion of Ukraine anyway. Given the history of Soviet Russia and the West during the cold war, it’s safe to say Russians hate NATO. Invasion of Russia would be difficult even if it did not have nuclear weapons. Russian population would most likely turn on invaders, especially if those invaders are NATO countries. Invasion by NATO would unite Russians. Republicans are all about taking everything they can get their hands on for themselves and denying the less fortunate as much as they can. Note in the infrastructure bill all provisions related to child care and support were deleted while provisions that promote business, particularly big business (electric vehicles, bridges, roads, water treatment, broadband access, etc.) will benefit executives and shareholders of large public companies, most of whom vote Republican and are big donors to Republican candidates. Who do people that need child care support vote for? So sure DiSantis and others are happy to see spending in their world engineered by their congressional servants who call it bipartisan. (This is not to say that a lot of this spending won’t be appreciated by Dems as well, just that if you want something done in the deadlocked congress it has to pay off big for Republicans to stand a chance.) Note too that the ACA has done wonders for millions of under-insured Americans, but still is not accepted by Republicans as a valid government responsibility, with many of the poorest states still denying Medicaid expansion which costs them almost nothing. But then who does the under-insured vote for?

A better politician would typically be determined by their ability to politic lie cheat steal manipulate coerce bribes and use the media govt and authorities to control the population. That all describes Biden. While Biden is a moron racist rapist pedophile he does have teams of master manipulators to tell him what to say and do and to go out and manipulate the public and control the media. Trump was a rude arrogant loudmouth like most new yorkers. He was a rich playboy philanthropist. He offended people and he didn’t suck up or cocktail to the media and when they talked shit he talked more shit. He didn’t put up with any crap at all he was a terrible politician he told other politicians to their face on national TV that they were crooked traitors who sell out America and real Americans loved it of course democrats did follow what their news media overlords told them to do and they got offended and cried and wet their panties. I am assuming you are referring to the British Royal Family. The Crown Estate, Duchy of Lancaster, and Duchy of Cornwall are huge Trusts that belong to the reigning Monarch [the Crown Estate and the Duchy of Lancaster] and the Heir Apparent to the Crown [Duchy of Cornwall]. If the UK government abolished the Monarchy they might attempt to seize those properties, as they are tied to the Monarchy.

However HM Queen Elizabeth is wealthy in her own right from money and private property inherited from her father. It is unlikely that the government would try to seize her private assets, as doing so would be no different than seizing the assets of any British citizen. The country, even those who want a republic would be up in arms because if the government can seize the private assets of one prominent citizen, what is to stop them from seizing someone else’s assets? It was your mom, and I heard it was you who ate it, after smearing it all over yourself and dad. The sources also indicate your sister used the chunks to color her up in black face for a racist photo, with their dog’s balls on her chin. This is what I heard, not saying it’s true, just what people are saying. He tries to sweet talk you into his lies, Assault Weapons do not exist, It’s a term created by the anti-gun lobby. And if you think Gun Control works, You have to be fucking kidding me, because Gun Control is people’s control. In fact: Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Fidel Castro disarmed their people and became the worst Dictators in history! And the Chinese Government Denies that Mao disarmed his people.

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, The Right of The People To Keep And Bear Arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Because it is not our job to drive your car… it is [collective] YOU who is creating hazards. If you are out of place when you need to make a move (getting on or off the highway or changing lanes in order to be prepared to do so) it is because YOU FAILED to be proactive, look ahead, and be ready for the movements YOUR CAR needs to make. To be such a driver AND expect others to have to “move out of your way” while you shilly-shally about the road is unreasonable on your part and a large source of road-rage. In all your driving, your car and your movements should be the least disruptive of traffic flow as possible. Pay attention, know where you have to be and when you have to be there, and stop making last-second decisions you will be a much better driver and will not experience these needs for others to make space for you. Let me begin this letter with a few simple statements of fact. First fact: Nocuous, short-sighted schlumps do nothing but eat, smell bad, and reproduce while contributing little or nothing productive to society in return for their upkeep. Second fact: I was suffused with terror when I heard that Mr. Smith intends to set up dissident groups and individuals for conspiracy charges and then carry out searches and seizures on flimsy pretexts by next weekend. Third fact: What he considers a fair shake, the rest of us consider a repressive, humiliating, culture-stripping experience. These three facts bear repeating over and over again. They are simple and self-evident, but it is easy to forget them in the blizzard of lies and obfuscation coming from Smith and his secret police these days. In case you were wondering, I wrote this letter in small bursts and tried not to make it too inflammatory. My intention is not to drone on and on about Smith’s pea-brained, self-deluded squibs but merely to make the point that it breaks my heart and fills my chest with agonizing pain when I see him incite and provoke.


That’s probably obvious to a blind man on a galloping horse. Nevertheless, I suspect that few people reading this letter are aware that Smith has been forcing his encomiasts to hamstring our efforts to build upon what works and pivot away from what does not work. This is manifestly unacceptable as it victimizes not only Smith’s encomiasts (as randy as they may be) but all of us. When you get right down to it, there is a simple answer to the question of what to do about Smith’s plants. The difficult part is in implementing the answer. The answer is that we must engage in conversations with key stakeholder groups on how best to nourish children with good morals and self-esteem. These conversations will help us fine-tune our strategies and develop the appropriate implementation and assessment plans, with a focus on sharing transparent, measurable progress toward studying the impact on society of Smith’s greed, stupidity, hubris, and outright corruption. The argument here is straightforward: Nothing is more mundicidious than Aryanism—except perhaps Smith’s conjectures. A person could write a whole book on that topic alone. In order to be as brief as possible, though, I’ll state simply that I respect the right of all members of our community to explore and discuss questions that interest them. How much more illumination does that fact need before Smith can grasp it? Assuming the answer is a substantial amount, let me point out that if history follows its course, it should be evident that if Smith thinks that he can make me suffer endless humiliation then he’s barking up the wrong tree.