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Trumptards… the 20-30 million dimwits in emotional thrall to Orange Jesus… are merely dupes employed in the effort to overthrow our government. Others, the main civilian pushers of fascist strongman takeover efforts include Steve Bannon, the Architect of the Insurrection, and Alex Jones, the Charismatic (to trumptards) Chaos Spreader. Luminaries like Rupert Murdoch are happy to spread Russian propaganda for money. Is he angling for Media Oligarch? Rex Tillerson just battles the government over taxes on oil, as usual, but he furthers Russian aims, nevertheless. Spineless worms like Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, etc., etc., are doing the work of Russia… indirectly?… in order to keep their jobs… and likely dreaming of big jobs in the New Republic of America (NRA Land). Thanks again, trumptards. My God… they are bleeding you dry for donations, and all your Stop the Steal money went straight into trump’s pocket! It is your stupidity that nearly gave us a president-for-life. Trump is in Russian thrall due to his ego. Russia would have been his biggest ticket to the worldwide “fame and adoration” that he craves. And, the visions he’s had of him and Vlad on a yacht, scheming on how to spend government money for fabulous personal projects… OMG, don’t you know trump lusts for that? Trump has been a Russian target and sympathizer since the ’80s… mostly gangsters and the Russian Mafia until trump met Putin in about 1995 or so. Tightly controlled organizations such as the military, FBI, CIA, and police don’t seem to have been much affected by Russian influence. These organizations survived when politicians failed because they were full of good men and women. I see Republican politicians making a mockery of the idea of legislators being morally good. And, there is something stinking to High Hell in the Secret Service.

Well, maybe never. He’d have to leave Russia or the Russian people would have to extract him. Last month the G20 Summit was held in Bali. Putin said a few months ago that he would be attending. There was a big furor about it in the news for a few days. In the end, he chickened out and didn’t attend. I think that tells the story. Secondly, how will he get these arms to the US? The number of arms required to make a difference would take up a decent-sized cargo ship. The Coast Guard and DEA are very good these days at intercepting drug shipments, which are considerably less bulky than the required arms would be. Thirdly, most Trump supporters are armed to the teeth already and wouldn’t need Putin’s weapons or money. What they lack is any sort of military organization. All the resistance movements in WW2 were highly organized with proper command hierarchies, support services, and logistics (frequently provided by Britain). And any attempt to set such up would be swiftly thwarted by the FBI.

Finally, although there are all these militia groups that strut around with their camo and AR-15s, they are all basically homosexual cosplayers. None of them would be willing to die to restore Trump to the White House. Of course, Biden was not like his predecessor Obama, and, while pretending not to do a thing, he lured Putin into a trap, inviting the invasion only to hurt him – and the entire world with him.
Can you provide a link to the incident you describe? I’ve come across variations of the question a few times on Quora but haven’t seen any answers. Nor have I found any info in the opposing news resources. On the contrary, all media showed Putin moving along the restored Crimean bridge in a Mercedes. Putin was behind the wheel himself. Russia’s copying the American tactic of destroying all opposing electrical and rail targets. This is what the Americans do as standard practice in Iraq, Libya, etc. It’s really effective. The opposing army is then paralyzed and can’t move. That’s how the Russians can now grind the Ukrainian army into the mud. Russia first suggested that the Ukrainians stop the fight and negotiate a solution to the conflict. But the Ukrainians were ordered by the Americans to refuse, and so this is what happens next. Here’s a photo of what it looks like for the Ukrainians when they can no longer move.

Anti-Russia hysteria knows no bounds!! Here let’s start an even more believable rumor. Putin is going to revoke and refund our purchase of Alaska from Russia in 2023. The troops are being pulled from Ukraine and sent to the far east of Russia at this very moment for the invasion! We better send all our tanks and planes to Alaska as of yesterday to guard against this certain development. He may not even stop in Alaska and go to Canada. Better quadruple your defense spending Canada!!!!!!!! I think it was highly likely that collusion between Russian criminal syndicates and the state intelligence apparatus strangled nascent Russian democracy in its crib and installed Putin into power. When the present regime collapses, as it soon might, we could learn a lot more. But the failure of Russian democracy is one of the larger disappointments of my life. I had high hopes for Russia and was contemplating taking a government teaching/consulting position there at the time. 15% of the Ukrainian population are Russians. By shelling Ukrainian civilian targets indiscriminately, Russians are also killing Russians in Ukraine. They do not even care about their own troops, let alone Russians in Ukraine. Feeding his ego is closer to the reality of the situation but also trying to stay in power and cater to the Russian population. His ratings jump up every time he starts a war. His ratings jumped from 69% right before the war to 81% and then to 83% and even apparently 86% in the first couple of weeks of the war. The same thing happened when he attacked Chechnya, Georgia twice, Syria, and Ukraine in 2014. He is just repeating his successful action.

The New York Post is a newspaper, sort of, and they have daily editions they can use to push whatever they want. No other media outlet is obligated to give them an additional megaphone. They are sure as hell don’t have to repeat bullshit stories or violate their own rules about showing revenge porn. The last few days have shown a flood of MAGA types proving they have no clue, and that they really have a kink for Hunter Biden dick pics. Tell me, Frank. Is the NY Post going to report on Jared Kushner getting $2 billion from Saudi Arabia and wondering what he did for them? Did they report on Javanka getting $620 million in graft while at the White House? Did they report just now that Trump wants to overturn the Constitution because he lost? Do you want to force them to? It will be world war III! Every EU member which includes the United States and all of Europe, Japan, etc would attack Russia! Collectively they would ram it up Russia’s ass. The low stock of ammunition. Outdated electronics depleted armor and personnel that are deserting, will probably last with that kind of combined retribution by the EU in about a week.


Biden ain’t ready for squatting. However, more importantly, he (or more aptly, whoever controls him) has already set up a climate in which no one — especially Putin — has any incentive to “talk.” Biden (and his handlers) want the war to continue. When the war began, Putin stumbled upon Biden’s (and other Democrats’) very large money laundering operation in Ukraine. This operation is so large and lucrative that the US has no way to easily replace it somewhere else. I’m not even going to bother going into detail about the Biolabs the US is bankrolling there. That’s why there is a river of dirty money flowing in to finance the war. It is very unlikely that Putin will ever ’give back any of the parts of Ukraine he has seized by force. You can’t call it ‘giving back when there is a gun to your head. It is increasingly likely that Ukraine will push the Russians back and that a ceasefire will be set up – on the 2014 borders of Ukraine. And real negotiations will follow. I doubt Putin’s presidency could survive such an outcome.
Original question: What is the state of mind of all those who defend Putin, in particular the war against Nazis, knowing that it is the Nazi propaganda who finances and directs the troll farms? Putin is the original mastermind behind controlling misinformation and fake (lies) news throughout Russia. The Russian population is fed a steady diet of misinformation and lies; therefore, most Russians simply go along with whatever news they get from the Russian media! Unfortunately, the same issues exist in the United States with the misinformation being spread by the Fox News Corporation and Tucker Carlson! However, unlike Russia, the United States has more media choices than Fox News! Still, some seventy million citizens follow and believe everything is being spun by FNC!