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The worthwhile question being asked here is, “[W]hy did President Biden’s “Disinformation Governance Board go up in flames like the Hindenberg after only a few weeks?” It may well have something to do with May 2022 comments the United States Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky made in challenging Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his department’s newly announced Disinformation Governance Board, asserting that the American people do not need the Federal Government to tell them what the truth is. Senator Rand, much to his credit, powerfully observed: If you mean has he adopted a sensible, realistic policy based on a realistic assumption of the threat and interests of the parties involved, and maximized his own country’s chances of achieving that interest, yes, I’d say he’s done about as well as anyone in his position could’ve done. Russia is bloodying itself against Ukraine and weakening its arms in the process, and all the US has had to do is sanction it and sell/give the Ukrainians the arms with which to kill the Russian invaders. Maximum gain for minimum cost. Machiavelli (the real one, not the cartoon mustache-twirling villain people think of him as), would likely approve. I feel that Biden is in the unenviable position of trying to fight with two hands tied behind his back. He is trying to do big things but is faced with what is essentially a senate that has a 50/50 split, if you count Joe Manchin as a Republican, which I do, regardless if he considers himself a democrat or not. There is far too much division within the Democratic Party, for him to get much of anything done. Republicans just have to sit back and watch and blame everything that goes bad on Biden, whether he has anything to do with it or not. As for me, though, I still wake up every day, relieved that Trump is gone (even though he’s nearly as dangerous out of office as he is in office). I’m just very disappointed in how Congressional Democrats are pissing away our chance to do something positive for the country. I know that the republicans in charge would do far worse though.

The US government does not use the phrase “strategic ambiguity”. Policy references the original source documents such as Taiwan Relations Act. TRA and the preceding treaty are both definite about intention and flexible about means. Harris is a failed politician who was so unpopular that she couldn’t even survive long enough in the primary to get humiliated by voters. No point in voting for Hillary 2.0, not that it’d matter – even Ted Cruz would beat her in a national race. Buttigieg has been bungling his role as the Secretary of Transportation since he got it, being another useless pro-business goon. To be fair, he bungled his role as Mayor of South Bend, and only got his current position by bending the knee to Biden and helping throw the primary to him. Before that, he was a McKinsey stooge. Basically, he’s the Ben Carson of the Democratic Party, but with a more horrible pre-politics career. So yeah, I’d vote for the third party. Generally, I’m not voting for any candidate that doesn’t support Medicare for All, and it’s becoming even easier to narrow down my vote as time goes on, as most of these useless suits refuse to effectively fight for abortion rights, public education and environmental reform, among numerous other pet issues that really should be required for any and all so-called Democratic candidates.

It is now obvious that Russia was always going to continue to push its effective borders out until something stopped it. If not stopped, this would bring it into conflict with NATO allies, which would bring it into conflict with the US. So if Russia is to be stopped, it was better done soon, and not in a NATO conflict. This means that Ukraine is an ideal place to fight a war that, it is now clear, was inevitable. So giving the best possible weapons to Ukraine, but not involving US troops, is by far the best way for the US to “fight” the next war. He isn’t. He’s a lying blowhard. The truth is that Taiwan is not a country. The island is and has been part of China. Biden caused a disaster in Afghanistan now he wants to take on one of the most powerful militaries in the world if not the most powerful. Biden is a scumbag he took millions from China and is their puppet. He’s shooting his mouth with the words of his handlers and Chia just laughs. Trump is a self-centered creep who would use any opportunity to stroke his own ego. The ceremonial nature of his reading the list of names demonstrates what a pompous ass he is, and the fact it was done at all shows a complete lack of empathy. He disgraces America by his very existence.

I was a member of the NRA several years ago, but let my membership lapse because I was sick of their demands for more and more money. Being a member netted me damn little in benefits, and the demands were a constant nuisance. At the time, (mid 80’s) it seemed like I was being exploited. it’s just hard to be coherent when trying to justify that nothing can be done by Republicans (or anyone else) about the slaughter of the innocents because Americans are likely far more homicidally inclined than almost any other country in the world (it would appear about ten times as homicidal as any other OECD country). He did offer one solution; better-armed “law-abiding citizens!” Probably if those 4th and 5th graders had been better armed, many would be alive today. Or, we can require every school teacher to be armed and trained. And we can drill the kids for shootouts in the classrooms. Melania!!! No just kidding! He will not be running in 2024! By the time all the courts find the crimes he is responsible for especially organizing and executing to destroy our precious democracy so h could have his dream of seeking World POWER and rule s Hitler’s dish will b bunt chicken in 2024!! Listen carefully receiving at a small rally ( and you know he hates a small rally) he proclaimed if he wins in 2024 he will rule like Hitler!!!!! Are listening carefully to his statement ?? He has diligently studied Hitler!! He craves the POWER of Hitler, Putin, and the dictators of this. Traitor Trump no longer seeks money. He can call on any of his rich supporters to fund him.!! NO NO he now seeks WORLD POWER!!!! Why do you think he did everything he could to turn over the 2020 Election?? It’s ALL about the POWER!

after the massacre of 21 innocents in Texas, Trump went to address the NRA convention. In yet another of those tone-deaf made-for-TV stunts that is the best he can manage in a time of national crisis, he read out — rather, he badly mangled — the names of the dead with a bell ringing after each one. Don’t believe me? Google it. He did that stupid bent-elbow left-and-right inflatable tube dancer routine he does at all his rallies I don’t know if he is or not, but I can see why he would be. I mean Pence sold his soul to follow Trump, he had to know what he was getting into. After all Trump’s history is littered with those who dared to rile him But then he may have also thought that Trump would screw up, which he did, would get impeached, which he did, twice in fact, and the Senate would do their job and convict him sending him on his way and Pence to the Presidency. Missed that one. They’d probably hate it. A good portion of them thinks Pence is a traitor who didn’t help them by illegally tossing out a valid election because they didn’t like the outcome. People were shouting “Hang Pence” at the Capitol Insurrection, for God’s sake.


And that ultimately goes to show what kind of people those rioters were. Less than a week before, they probably thought of Pence as Trump’s hand-picked angel from Heaven. Then on a turn of a dime, they were wanting to spill his blood for not killing democracy to hand their messiah an unlawful win. I have never agreed with anything Trump said, and this is no exception. What is more, when Trump appeared at the recent NRA convention, they banned guns. If Trump actually meant what he’d said, he would have demanded that everyone at the convention is carrying at least one loaded gun each.