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A little nook, a corner hideaway. A place where they are safe but still involved, present. This will help them to trust the dog and not have to defend, hiss, scratch, or run. You have to give them lookout areas so they can view the situation or learn. Does that make sense so far? Get some cheap shelves and adhere them to a wall in a stair-like fashion (to take steps) and in the highest corner make a look-out area for cats to observe & nap. This will make it so much easier!! Do as many as you can throughout your home. And let’s just be mindful of our needs so all of the family members get along in a happy home. No more blaming, tell your cat sorry but you are on board now. He’ll understand. If it is a real service dog no, they can’t charge you pet rent, or other fees, and they can’t refuse to rent to you. Nut they are allowed to charge you for any damages your dog dors do. If you had allowed her to treat you badly that means you too do not believe that you deserve love and respect. Instead of thinking about her needs and worrying about what to say to her, why not focus on yourself and find ways to move on? Surround yourself with people that love and care for you, and spend some time with family and friends. Try new activities, and do something fun to remind yourself that life is about making the best of it. Once you’re healed you’ll notice that you’re no longer attracted to people like her.

Dear Mahtan, helping a stressed cat can be frustrating because the best way is to do less. Don’t push the cat to interact with you. Rather, tempt. Let it come to you at its own pace. Sit where the cat can see you and tempt it with cat wand toys and treats. Talk and sing to the cat in a soft soothing tone. This may take months or even years, but bit by bit, the cat will get closer to you. As odd as it may sound, keep a cat toy next to your toilet. All cat owners know that cats love to approach you when you’re on the ‘pot’. I think they instinctively know you’re ‘stuck’ and can’t grab them. So make that time productive with the cat by gently swinging the wand toy. The cat may only accept YOU in its life, but you will be its everything. It’s so very rewarding to help a cat like this. Good luck to you. I hope you end up with the best buddy. Regurgitation is when you vomit within an hour or so of eating. Even if we only examine regurgitation-related vomiting, there are several probable reasons. Recurring regurgitation can never be considered normal. Regurgitation is caused by eating too quickly, eating too much, and swallowing chunks that are too big. They are also linked to going too long between meals, which is common in cats that are only fed twice a day.

Going too long without food can also produce a buildup of stomach acid, which can make the cat feel sick and induce vomiting of yellow bile and white foam before a meal, as well as regurgitation of a previously consumed meal. If your cat is coming home from the vet or after visiting another person’s house, the cat coming home will have an odor and the cat already home will smell him but not fight. If you are bringing in a new cat, as I just did, even after the familiarization time the old cat may not immediately get along with the new one. But after a couple of weeks, things should settle down. Yes, it is quite common. They tend to isolate and hide somewhere. If this continues for a bit, you might want to take the kitty in for a vet check-up if you haven’t already. Cats are masters at hiding illness and I wouldn’t want something serious to get away from you.

The best thing you can do for you both is to get your future husband into counseling so that an objective third party can speak the truth into his life. It’s devastating when a father verbally abuses a child. Your future FIL is your husband’s role model. Your future husband needs to comprehend that his value is not based on his dysfunctional father’s opinions. He also needs to be exposed to a better way for his future children.
Why are you drowning a cat? You are a murderer! A POOR DEFENSELESS ANIMAL. WILL IT BE A CHILD NEXT? Take it to a shelter where it can find a home, love, and happiness. I can’t express the anger I feel just reading your question. You are a pure evil monster that shouldn’t be allowed around any animals or children. You should be locked up! Please stay away from all animals, children, and people. You need to see a therapist immediately…PLEASE DO SO!

Kidney failure, and diabetes, are the usual things that kill most old cats. That is why I tried to get blood work done on my cats every year to check for any problems or changes from the past year. I have 4 cats, 3 boxes and this seems to work ok but as you might imagine, I must keep them clean. I scoop 2x a day (morning and night). Virtually all of them. The Save the Cat “beats” work well for a very, very, very specific type of film made during a very, very, very short time period – about five years right at the beginning of the 1990s. Most classic movies – and most modern ones … well, hell, virtually every successful story, tale, screenplay novel, Holy Bible heroic tale, etc. all follow an ideal structure known as the Monomyth, which was detailed by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 book “Hero With A Thousand Faces.”


The monomyth story structure fits everything from Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark to Casablanca or Hitch, and even every single Marvel Studios film ever made. Lots of good service dogs as I am familiar with a local group that trains them. Currently training many of the dogs to be service dogs for veterans and others with PTSD. They also have trained wonderful dogs that help those in wheelchairs and with other disabilities.
Like people, animals also experience end-of-life physical and mental ailments requiring dedicated care. So if the question is “should I keep…” what is the alternative? Whether the animal was purchased or adopted, if a person is not willing to care for an animal through sickness and health, perhaps they should stick to stuffed animals.