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Because THAAD (Theater High Altitude Air Defense) is manned by American troops. To train Ukrainians to use it, the very limited number that we have means taking Ukrainians to the States, and training them for four months, or more. Take OUR batteries offline, crate them up and ship them there because we are not going to use any local batteries. This very poor thinking is what FDR did when he stripped air defense capabilities from Pearl Harbor and the Panama Canal to send to England right before the Japanese struck. We were fortunate that they didn’t strike the Canal, too, though they considered it.
In other words, we have none to spare. You look at our storage depots and it’s lined with armored vehicles but no Air Defense Artillery equipment. Because we’re using it. To produce more would more than double what we’re sending and Uncle Joe is catching heat for what he’s already sending Basically, two, those that are recommended viscosity and quality, and those that aren’t. Use a recommended one and change it often enough, no worries, no need for flushing oil or snake oil additives. Oils that aren’t recommended are unlikely to perform as well as you’d like.

So when XOM is drilling in international waters. The drillers are taxed based on the source of their income is Exxon Mobil. So those drillers are taxed based on Texas Income Tax rules The same holds true for Cruise ship workers who work in international waters. If their company is based in Panama they need to pay taxes to the country of Panama If we’re talking Arithmetic, the percentage of different products in a particular crude oil is going to be 100%. Every molecule in there that can be used is going to be put to some sort of use. Are you asking for a breakdown of the different products by percentage? Do you have access to a crude assay lab? That would help. But every crude will give you a different answer. The composition of a particular crude oil is going to be unique. You’d be hard-pressed to find two fields that produce crude with the same composition. An “average” barrel of crude contains about 8.4 gallons of natural gasoline and about a quart of lubricant basestock. A modern refinery then produces about 21 gallons of fuel from that barrel via Chemical Engineering.

But they are all different. There are more consistent crudes with a fairly average distribution of molecules. There are heavy crudes, light crudes, “dumbbell” crudes, sweet (low sulfur), and sour (high sulfur). Each one is going to be handled differently. Lots of refineries are designed to handle the locally available crudes. So, not only is your question unanswerable with respect to the product breakdown of crude oil, but it’s also unanswerable with respect to the product breakdown of a refinery. Some make only fuels. Whatever can’t be turned into gasoline or diesel is turned into coke. Others might turn those heavy ends into the asphalt instead of coke. Some aren’t making all of the crudes into finished products. Some are integrated with chemical plants and much of the crude becomes feedstock for the chem plant. So, the real true answer is that every crude is different and they are sent to refineries with different equipment. That way, the same crude may make two very different product slates at two different refineries.

Next, what’s with the “1000 liters”? That’s irrelevant. The proportional composition of a particular crude oil is going to be the same whether you have 1000 liters, 1000 barrels, or 1000 tanks of it. Canada is by far the largest outside supplier of oil to the USA ….and has been so for more than 20 years …currently to the tune of more than 4 million barrels per day …as much as all the rest of the world combined, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Nigeria, Venezuela, all of them…..and most of that comes from Alberta…furthermore it is the cheapest oil that we buy from anywhere…..Alberta could supply even more if only Joey would let American workers finish building the Keystone pipeline extension….. Saudi Arabia doubts the US is a reliable partner, and it cannot depend on the US as a source of its security, and that of the region. It may even see the US as a threat, such as Biden’s campaign-trail promise to make it a “pariah” state for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and the fist bumps greeting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accorded to Biden during his visit. In the latest episode, the Saudi-led OPEC and OPEC+ slashed 2 million barrels of oil a day from their production targets, despite Washington’s vigorous effort against any move to cut production. One important point to note is that the current high oil price gives Prince Mohammed the opportunity to build up the Kingdom’s reserves, as he pushes ahead with his ambitious multi-billion plan to modernize the economy. It is not in his interest to drive down the price of oil to please the US as it imposes a price cap on Russian crude oil exports.

Riyadh felt strong enough to break free of US pressure and act in its own commercial and diplomatic interest. This should include accepting payments for its oil in other currencies than the US. In fact, this may have happened already. Saudi Central Bank and China’s PBOC have a multi-billion currency swap arrangement, and there are reports that it receives payments in Yuan for sales to China.
The next step may be for Saudi crude to be quoted in Yuan, Saudi Riyal, or UAE Dirham. This will signal the start of the end of the petrodollar regime. The US as in the US government? The government is subsidizing oil and gas with billions. There is a tiny little sales tax on gasoline, $0.1804/gallon. Most oil companies don’t pay any taxes and their leases are dirt cheap. They get preferential loans and investment kickbacks to explore new wells. It’s a big loss. However if the US went renewable instead and those companies paid taxes the US could make billions, and get better longevity, health, and cleaner air Interesting question! I have never been successful at making a pie crust with oil of any type. I prefer butter but have used shortening and lard. Every time I have tried using oil the crust comes out hard and not flaky at all. The act of cutting the butter or shortening or lard into the flour creates pockets which as the crust bakes ultimately makes the crust flaky.


With high fuel prices, and prices on the rise again due to Opec siding with Russia, high inflation, a bad job market, a recession, and an overall crippled economy, voters are going to side with Republicans – the only way to deter that switch is to use lies and propaganda to attempt to make Republicans appear as “extremists”, when in reality, recent history has proven the most extreme ideologies are on the left, with BLM and Antifa especially, who are the only real threat to our system, as they literally have tried to overturn it. Otherwise, Biden has a horrible record and nothing to rally for, no economic plan, no remedy for recent ultra-high crime spikes, illegals pouring over the border, or the sinking housing market – this is why there hasn’t been a single democrat running for reelection in the midterms to ask for Biden’s endorsement; he’s a massive failure. Even his attempt to buy votes with student loan forgiveness will fail, as the courts are going to overturn it.