The Power of an Anonymous Anti-It Bag

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images
A woman at a vintage sale caught my attention with her understated yet high-quality bag. She was dressed in a Moncler puffer coat, jeans, and Stan Smith sneakers. The bag was black, square, and discreet, made of thick leather, with a sturdy shape and over-the-shoulder strap. On closer inspection, I realized it was a vintage Tod’s bag. The bag’s subtle design and obvious quality made it stand out and reinforced the idea that a bag can elevate an outfit and serve as a status symbol. The woman, reminiscent of Mary-Kate Olsen, who carries a recognizable and well-worn Hermés Kelly bag, exuded confidence and style through her everyday use of an expensive luxury item.
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My Valentine Has Paws
My Valentine Has Paws
My Valentine Has Paws