I live in Wayanad, a neighboring district of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. A 2020 hello Fifty Quarantined T-shirt family from Bengaluru was sent back to Karnataka a few days after waiting all night near Muthanga. The district government does not allow them to enter Wayanad. Due to special consideration, the district collector ordered the isolation of a 9 month pregnant woman at sulthan government hospital two days ago. She is from Tamil Nadu. In such rare cases.2020 hello Fifty Quarantined T-shirt

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The 2020 hello Fifty Quarantined T-shirt Wayanad district government allowed entry. When police sealed all 12 available routes from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, almost no one was able to enter Kerala state through Wayanad district. Hopefully the same applies to other counties that share borders with Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Sigh. Isolation is for people who are ill and do not spread the disease. They cannot leave the space they are in.

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