I can walk around theĀ 2020 hello Sixty Quarantined T-shirt block as long as I’m six feet away, and I go outside to catch the sun, fresh air and exercise. My sister and I had just returned from shopping for food and other things, wearing homemade masks, and on our way home, we stopped at Subway to pick lunch. (We are not allowed to sit and dine in the restaurant, but may bring food home.)

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So we could leave home during this COVID-19 crisis, but we couldn’t accidentally wander around to risk the lives of others. If we are found outing in large groups, or playing basketball or other contact sports, theĀ  2020 hello Sixty Quarantined T-shirt police will ask us to return home. Most of the religious rites on Easter Sunday are held online, but when the big congregations disregard the order to meet, I believe their license plates have been recorded for future legal action.

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