It depends on the 2020 hello twenty Quarantined T-shirt continuous spread of the virus, we can have the second wave and maybe even the third wave. Good masks provide protection, others are even less, but you must also protect your eyes! I see people wearing masks without eye protection – that’s definitely not working. And the mask is not attached to the face, again, not very useful. My mask fits under my chin, and fits my face. There are two relationships. And it has a sleeve on which HEPA filters can be inserted. It can be washed by hand in very hot soap and water and hundreds to dry.

2020 hello twenty Quarantined tank top

tank top

My glass is safety glass with a side shield. That’s my weakness because if the 2020 hello twenty Quarantined T-shirt air can flow, you’re vulnerable. But I don’t have a pair of googles, ore, my last one broke. You do not need gloves, hand washing is important and bleaching the surfaces you have touched. I live in Wayanad, which is a district neighbouring Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. A family from Bengaluru were sent back to Karnataka a few days back after waiting a whole night near Muthanga. District administration didn’t allow them to enter Wayanad.

2020 hello twenty Quarantined sweater, hoodie




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