I really thought it #2020Ruizing T-Shirt would be a miracle if Joshua overcome this fight without serious trouble. He looked nervous at me before fighting. Your personality doesn’t change when you’re under pressure, but there are stories to tell. Ruiz defeated Joshua through the ability to absorb a huge left hook to his chin, Andy first emerging for the third time in his career. He is a super tough man. Joshua made a huge mistake in reaching his destination.

#2020Ruizing tank top

#2020Ruizing T-tank top

tank top

He went inside trying to break Ruiz’s defense, when Ruiz was hurt. AJ is so powerful that he can easily smash most opponents, weapons, even Klitschko, when he finishes Wlad in the 11th minute. Ruiz is just different from anyone else. He is very slippery and fast on the #2020Ruizing T-Shirt inside. When AJ reaches the finish line, he is crucified very hard. I think AJ was done in part 3. A lot of referees stopped it if it wasn’t a heavyweight championship fight. Ruiz fought an extremely intelligent fight. After the third time, he took the time and respected the power of Joshua. He killed because an injured animal is dangerous.

#2020Ruizing hoodie, sweater

#2020Ruizing T-sweater


#2020Ruizing T-hoodie


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