That’s what happens in Italy. It will weaken our 30 years of Nkotb signatures shirt democratic system in the long term, good policy will never see the light of day. So if we must then have another referendum then what makes that any different from the last all referendum are advisory and such shall be taken with a pinch of salt and re-run until parliament decides it likes the outcome. There was no fraudulent activity found, just poorly kept books. I like your rhetorical approach, give very little evidence, or draw on questionable sources, end with a smug, sneery personal snub.

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The 30 years of Nkotb signatures shirt had the biggest platform to work from. A leaflet through every door and our glorious leader telling us to remain. I never mentioned austerity. So you are the ignorant one here. since nothing can be voted on without the speaker selecting what is discussed and debated in the house he is more than capable of fixing debates, amendments and motions however he sees fit.

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Just because he himself can’t make the 30 years of Nkotb signatures shirt does not mean he doesn’t play a large part in what gets house time to be decided upon. Please do not throw sausage pizza away. I got it. All he said was the shirt cannot beat a dead horse over and over. For there to be a third vote government need to change the deal some way or have the queen close parliament and open a new session.


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