I think so. I anticipate the Arya Stark Air Jordan shirt death of the hunting dog. But it will be a heroic death. I think Arya will come because Cersei, Sandor intervenes and Hound fights with her brother to save Arya. Who will make Cersei vulnerable to Jaime make some prophecies. It was an intriguing question, but I think it would be reasonable to think that the Northern lords would take over Britain more than ever. Some may increase suspicion, but most have won. And I believe both Sansa and Arya will be behind him.

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It reminds me of British history, when the Arya Stark Air Jordan shirt Scottish king. James VI of Scotland, later became British James I, in particular, I remember the feeling of the Scottish people! When their king added England to his kingdom, it was almost like Scotland conquered England in a different way, not the other way. In other words, the Scots are happy about that. And consider this: Jon Snow is revealed to be impossible. Ned Stark’s real son but Jon IS is the legal son of Lyanna Stark as well as a Targaryen.

Arya Stark Air Jordan shirt

Then consider that Ned faithfully raised Jon Snow as his son. Ned has other sons, of course legitimate sons, but I think we saw from the Arya Stark Air Jordan shirt first few episodes of Part One, Ned was kind to treat Jon like one of the children. my son. Catelyn Stark is not a good mother to Jon, as we know, but that’s another story. By the way, it’s a very deep story, because if Catelyn only knows the truth then perhaps she would be his best protector, but she never knew, and we could be kind to understand why Ned didn’t tell her, even though he should probably consider it all.

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Everything, when looking back. Ned seems to have treated well with Arya Stark Air Jordan shirt Theon Greyjoy, although in that case there is less motivation for Jon Snow, Ned will see his sister’s only child is equally valuable. What your child is, is the strong feeling of his sister and the promise he made to protect his child. He also treated him very well when he was against Starkf Family, all Starks considered it a traitor al: We We adopted you as one of us, and then you stabbed us on the side after.



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