Just make the August burns red Dragon shirt a condition of school entry like many other countries. How many bloody kids can there possibly be that are unable to physically have the vaccine? My twins cannot because the 1st shirt gave them Rubella resulting in brain damage and epilepsy.

August burns red Dragon shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

August burns red Dragon Tank Top

August burns red Dragon Sweater

That equals to on my behalf. How many more are necessary for this August burns red Dragon shirt called global epidemic to occur with your vax kids? Unless you have compromised kids like mine. Quit “fighting” on my behalf. Don’t worry these anti-vaxxers will pass. This is not about vaccination. Just about the low quality of vaccines.

August burns red Dragon Hoodie

You’d think it would be mandatory for everyone starting the August burns red Dragon shirt. That’s how it was for me before I started high school had to make sure I was properly vaccinated, obviously not in this country. Give me a free sample of measles, see how they get on. Perhaps transparency on what is actually in a vaccine may help.


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