Unless you’re a baby calf, you need the Avenger Friends shirt in your diet. The whole calcium argument is nonsense. I’ve gone without dairy several times over the years, yet my bones didn’t crumble. I do agree, I hardly have any milk in my diet. But children need calcium and some adults suffer from calcium deficiency or brittle bone disease, as a result, they are recommended to drink milk. Everything in moderation.

Avenger Friends shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Avenger Friends tanktop Avenger Friends sweater

That’s such an idiotic statement. I’m off to chew on some asbestos, but only in moderation. I think you’ll find Avenger Friends shirt would rather spend 99p on a burger than £3 on a salad. It doesn’t cost that if you make it yourself and buy raw veg. Then you have extra ingredients, those are your priorities. I say cucumber 60p packet of tomato’s £1 burger is still cheaper.

Avenger Friends hoodie

The actual salad may last longer that one cheeseburger but it’s who whole principle especially if you have a big family to feed. Why are you buying Avenger Friends shirt in packets? Buy raw loose veg and it’s nowhere near that expensive or goes to a local food market. Healthy living is not more expensive! I can buy 6 sweet potatoes.


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