I have recently adopted a baby elephant named Satao. I really hope he gets to live this long and grow up to be this Awareness Prevention eye Ribbon shirt. Only the top one appears for me. I’ve seen other people saying the same. Perhaps it’s my phone. All the people replying to comments saying “she died of natural causes”. It was due to natural causes that there’s only 30 left! Very unfortunately, that bad people killed so many elephants just to get money by selling their tuskers.

Awareness Prevention eye Ribbon shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Awareness Prevention eye Ribbon tank top Awareness Prevention eye Ribbon sweater

What a majestic creature. The last super tusker inhabited the Awareness Prevention eye Ribbon shirt ten years ago. He moved out after the last election good riddance! Now he lives in Brussels. He is always ranting and raving about an imagined cake, hell and Brexit. Could have given her a better name! So sad to hear this news.

Awareness Prevention eye Ribbon hoodie

They really need the ivory in China and Dubai. It’s important. Such a shame, beautiful creature hunted to extinction. Chinese at their magnificent best-killing animals. Make way the Awareness Prevention eye Ribbon shirt is coming and you’re either in the way or have what they want. I hope she killed so many poachers in her day.


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