NO, absolutely NO! King Constantine in Bahamian  300 AD, he decided to Bahamian Nutritional Facts Shirt divorce his wife. So he became the head of a new congregation. A Pope and an organized religion called the Catholic Church Church! Before that time, after Jesus’ death. His Bahamian disciples (and those who were trained by them) were in charge of many churches / churches around the world. There is NO other reason than Constantine’s selfishness to establish a church.

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And at that time, ALL the Bahamian Nutritional Facts Shirt main Bahamian disciples were dead, even Peter. Jesus will not tell Peter to establish a church before He dies but go and preach to all nations. Yes, I have been a Catholic for 30 years. And then I read a bit of history about  Bahamian that religion, deceit, money and cruelty in the first church. And later? Sexual abuse for many years is carried out by their Bahamian priests. And by the way, my son was abused by a priest, and it is still ruining his life at the age of 47.

Bahamian Nutritional Facts tank top

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The Bahamian Nutritional Facts Shirt Catholic Church is a CULTURE, lik Bahamian e Mormonism, and many other churches under the banner of Protestantism. They spoon-feed their members, don’t use the Bible as a standard, keep women under the importance of men and collect billions from their members. Have you ever visited inside the Vatican, filled with gold and marble, and precious Bahamian jewelry?

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So who am I to talk? Yes, I believe in God, and in my savior and Jesus Christ, and the Bahamian Nutritional Facts Shirt  Bahamian Holy Spirit. Who I am. I was born again, the Messianic Jew, who studied both Judaism history and of many popular religions. I also believe Bahamian that the Bible is the inherent Word of God, Moses and the prophets as being inspired by God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Is not. The history of Christmas comes from Catholics. In order to convert the druids and other barbarians in the British Isles at the beginning of AD to Christianity, Catholics combined the Bahamian birth of Christ with the pagan feast of the druids. The druid is a winter solstice, so December 25 was chosen as the birthday of Christ.


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