Banks want us to shop the Beer grab em’ by the coozie shirt. Because we spend more money and get into more debt which they can charge us for and profit from. Physically handing over cash makes you think about what you are spending on. Just see how quickly it disappears, then judge if you would have even thought about your spending if you’d just been tapping a card on the machine. The banks want an end to cash.

Beer grab em’ by the coozie shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Beer grab em' by the coozie tank top Beer grab em' by the coozie sweater

They much prefer the Beer grab em’ by the coozie shirt of making money from customers by simply swapping numbers in computer files. To counteract this I implore people to use cash whenever possible and make the bankers work for their money. Keep some branches open and not leave communities unable to access their own cash without a run into town. It made me want to pay to read any further. This is an article for the privileged.

Beer grab em' by the coozie hoodie

You can’t possibly be in touch with the Beer grab em’ by the coozie shirt! People exchanging more surveillance for less freedom. The banks want physical currency. The independent report that’s calling for a solution was financed by them. It’s not just drugs, stolen goods and dodging it that struggles without cash. Corruption also relies heavily on real money. The people that run the banks definitely do not want rid of it.


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