In the  Beer with Beshear T-shirt United States (or Canada), McDonald’s will never sell beer or any other alcoholic beverage. This is why … Alcoholic beverages served to patrons, often on the premises. Drinking beer (or other alcoholic beverages) is not allowed. Depends on what you want to say. If you mean eating pizza while drinking beer (an admirable meal) is the ‘essential use’ then – both combine to form a unit, so think is singular – Bacon and eggs make a good breakfast.

Beer with Beshear tank top

tank top

If you think beer is essential without pizza and pizza is needed without beer, then the Beer with Beshear T-shirt thinking is plural – two independent entities. A little. I remember when my grandpa and Mr. Hentrich would have Nesbitt Lau Soda at their home. It comes in a glass bottle, and their original beer and cream soda are awesome. I also remember when the only way you could buy A&W Root Beer at home was to buy it with gallons from the shop’s fountain, and the jar was made of glass. A&W sold in plastic bottles today is not the same as the 1970s original beer. I don’t know if those times are necessarily better, but that’s for sure!

Beer with Beshear hoodie, sweater



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