You have to consider many factors You are not looking only to the Black Wrestlers Matter Shirt and by the same token and number of cases, or only to the number of deaths. Yeah it’s easy to manipulate statistics to suit their agenda but that’s media for you exactly, every area has different population density, average age, health conditions etc. It like saying that if the entire population of a very small country dies is not as important because of the small number e,g.

Black Wrestlers Matter Shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

So your comparission is not only evil and meaningless, it’s stupid The number per capita is not relevant. Comparing UK to US or Brazil is just plain stupid but none of those you spoke of it has such a high rate of undernotification as Brazil. If you look cases million and deaths million Brazil has way less of what UK ItalyWe can come back to this in a months time, Brazils curve is very much on the Black Wrestlers Matter Shirt and by the same token and up exactly.

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