I work in a convenience store where many of the purchases are for small amounts. Since The Bloody Bunch shirt charges are high, it wouldn’t be viable for small shops to only take card payments. Many of the older customers prefer using cash. why not it will stop cash in hand work and buying illegal items. people will just use encrypted cryptocurrency. I wonder how that will work with a drug dealer, or an employer paying illegal staff.

The Bloody Bunch shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

The Bloody Bunch tank top The Bloody Bunch sweater

Meanwhile, the banks and The Bloody Bunch shirt will have total control of your money. Think about that. You realise most of the lower income earners survive on cash in hand right? That’s the difference between a hot meal or nothing. Taxation isn’t a moral good. They have now, the tax man knows about every penny that enters your bank account. That makes it right to underpay them.

The Bloody Bunch hoodie

Anyone paid cash in hand pays no income tax. No point in crying about rich people not paying their The Bloody Bunch shirt if you’re happy to allow people to be taken for a ride by employers cheating the system. Not about what doesn’t enter a bank account and not necessarily about what I spend it on. How would you like a system where it was possible to control how much you spend on. Rationing via your bank account?


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