Is not. She’s almost literally Boba Fett of the Boba fett Bout that action shirt sequel trilogy. The armor looks cool, immediately becoming a Bad Guy, but later BTFO by a Good Guy in her second movie. Boba Fett. Jedi is super fast: As in average Jedi. Like 7 schmuck Jango dodges and beats with bare hands. Jango defeated Komari Vosa, who could remotely control an army larger than the Hutt. Jango easily killed Coleman Trebor, who happened to slaughter thousands of Battledroids in the Geonosian arena.

Boba fett Bout that action tank top

Bob Fett fought Obi Wan just a few months after ROTS. He had no trouble keeping the Boba fett Bout that action shirt slow Dumbledore pinned with a quick barrage of fire bullets and rockets. After Obi-Wan was charged, his hood still hides his identity. He charged into the teeth of the flame, unarmed. A surprised Boba Fett took a step back. He was too good to stumble, but in the tiniest whisper of a second, he was a little off balance. Obi-Wan saw it. To the left of Fett is the vulnerability point.

Boba fett Bout that action tank top

tank top

He jumped. In the Boba fett Bout that action shirt air, he twisted, going down with a boot placed straight on Boba Fett’s left knee. But surprisingly, Fett didn’t come across. Obi-Wan feels the body of the bounty hunter give, but suddenly Fett reverses direction, sowing himself more firmly. He had seen that move before. The memory of a desperate battle with Kamino returned to him. Jango Fett taught his son well. If only Obi-Wan could remember it in time, Bob Fett was able to force the creatures so much faster that Dumbledore had to struggle.

Boba fett Bout that action sweater, hoodie

Boba fett Bout that action sweater


Boba fett Bout that action hoodie


So hard that they could effectively attack their strength. Boba Fett has achieved melee attacks faster and more dangerous + better equipped for a melee fight. Boba Fett should he take a single blow from his melee skills or if Dumbledore can’t handle fire faster and the Boba fett Bout that action shirt rocket is sent his way. (Boba Fett is not limited to the main gun he holds, he also has a pistol, sniper gun, acoustic grenades, heat detonators, and weapons hidden in his armor.)


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