Incubation is 2 14 days, so increases would have started showing up over the Boondocks t-shirt Besides,I will do this past week. Yes, there are places seeing increased numbers,but most of them are in places where people are not being careful or wearing masks, like Wyoming or Florida. BBC few days ago you were encouraging thousands of protesters LoL be coherent Actually, in the US so far there have been no spike in cases in cities affected.

Boondocks t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, sweater and long sleeve t-shirt

There is not an ounce of humanity in this poor excuse for a human. I totally agree with you and I am so shocked and depressed that this is the Boondocks t-shirt Besides,I will do this kind of character people voted for. Yeah, an ad on Craig’s list invited good looking students to audition to go and wave banners. Wow that’s a mighty broad brush Kev. Most Of us get our news information from a variety of sources and make up our own minds. Give the world your sources since they are beyond any other news outlet, the Constitution, the history of the US. Let’s be clear, you are not in the WH, although you may be given Trump only hires wackos and liars these days (his words, not mine), so tell me your sources of information. And the real question shouldn’t be what a bunch of overpaid talking heads (whether CNN or FoxNews) think about something, which is what we are now apparently calling the news. Aw did I touch on a nerve so bad you looked at my profile pic.


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