I’m sick of it now you want the Boston city of champions shirt to let’s have it. But it’s going to be directed at you lot not normal people from any culture against each other. 100 years of lies and filth about the modern day middle east Europe created I can’t put any simpler than that. Should never have joined into all of that with no clear and relatively painless way to leave if it didn’t work out.

Boston city of champions shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Boston city of champions tank top Boston city of champions sweater

Those who blindly rushed to become part of the Boston city of champions shirt in the first place are responsible for this debacle. People are fed up with politics and more fed up with voting for it to be ignored and even more fed up with politicians playing the people like a fiddle. The only air time he should be getting is his live televised trial from the Hague.

Boston city of champions Hoodie

Why would you trust a man who ruined the Boston city of champions shirt by starting a war based on lies? Indirectly murdered thousands of people. He should be in jail. Why do you folks even talk to that douche? Oh, I see I’m not the only one with thoughts like this. Still giving him air time.


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