I walked a Boston Terrier I love Mom shirt dog that ate mud as long as I knew it. He is a Boston terrier. He has never seemed worse for experience. Because they are fools! Just because their dogs are friendly doesn’t mean it’s mine. I walked my Boston Terrier on a leash ALL the time. So many times I had other dogs in the park and the neighborhood approach my dog ​​when I was forced to scream at the owner to keep their dog away. Yes Very frustrating.

Boston Terrier I love Mom tank top

Boston Terrier I love Mom tank top

tank top

I mixed a portion into pugs, starting when I first used my pug / Boston terrier. I had a lot of experience with this breed until then but quickly fell in love with their personalities. Once I had a boston terrier puppy that we named Charlie. He was only a few months old when I took him to the Boston Terrier I love Mom shirt vet for a check. He’s afraid of course so doesn’t cooperate with the vet. She looked at me and said YOU HAVE A BAD DOG HERE. I said, He is not a small dog, it is only a French hound, Boston terrier, Welsh terrier, and some lesser known beauties.

Boston Terrier I love Mom sweater, hoodie

Boston Terrier I love Mom sweater


Boston Terrier I love Mom hoodie


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