Before the BoyMom Surrounded by balls shirt we had the colonizers who wiped out a sizable portion of Africa’s wildlife. There are many historical photos and documents to show how animal skins and ivory were exported by them. The human race is the most deadly intelligent mammal living. We are in certain areas, the most stupid, judging by the animals we send into extinction and overexploitation.

BoyMom Surrounded by balls shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

BoyMom Surrounded by balls tank top BoyMom Surrounded by balls sweater

Why is it that hardly anyone mentions the BoyMom Surrounded by balls shirt? They are the ones who drive the trade in ivory, not to mention various other creatures they use in their unscientific medicine’s! And that their government does not do anywhere enough to stop the evil trade of these beautiful animals. I am the only one who thinks she a big elephant. For a second I thought she was a mammoth with those mammoth size tusks.

BoyMom Surrounded by balls hoodie

Beautiful picture one or awesomeness and sadness that man has almost lost the BoyMom Surrounded by balls shirt through needless greed to a race of people who only want the tusks for useless potions and lotions, heartbreaking. I hope this shirt from these last supertaskers has been preserved. One day they may be able to make a comeback.


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