A school building collapses this morning in the country. Leaving many pupils dead and many others trapped. What a sad day for these communities. Maybe the Captain Marvel Nin shirt bring them comfort. There is nothing worse than the death of a child. I’m so sorry and send love. Why would he bring them comfort after letting a building collapse on them and let people shoot kids?

Captain Marvel Nin shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Captain Marvel Nin tank top Captain Marvel Nin sweater

I’m so sad to hear this. I’m sorry this happened. Virtual hugs for the Captain Marvel Nin shirt, the friends and family of those affected. What a horrific tragedy. Oh my God, the trauma in that community, the suffering. It’s crazy how locked into our own lives we are in the West when other people suffer these appalling things so often. Can we just agree here and now that we all should stop trying to emulate the US?

Captain Marvel Nin hoodie

Can we just send Joan Parker to live in Brazil for a year? Take the Captain Marvel Nin shirt to work and probably not coming back home because of robbers and murderers? Lets make someone changes their mind real quickly. Don’t emulate us. We’re awful to each other. It hurts my heart.


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