Hope this get attention just like the Carpentry samurai shirt with New Zealand. All life matters. It’s getting attention here, however, you can’t equate an accident with a terrorist outrage. The irony that you are actually commenting on a news article covering the incident clearly lost on this one. Bit of a difference between mass murder and an accident. It’s all because of the almighty trump.

Carpentry samurai shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Carpentry samurai tank top Carpentry samurai sweater

How tragic! Every life lost is a tragedy but when I hear of women and children for some reason it hits me harder. As if the Carpentry samurai shirt wasn’t already being unfortunate enough. What is happening to this world unbelievable rest in peace. I’m tired of hearing all these tragedies. Our prayers to all of them, the dead and alive people in suffering.

Carpentry samurai hoodie

Think I better go back to the Carpentry samurai shirt. No news, internet or social media. I’m really tired of the sadness. My heart breaks for those that died. My sincerest condolences to their families and friends. What a terribly sad couple of weeks we are having. Thoughts to everyone involved. Let’s get the scuba gear out.


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