I am absolutely sick of and sickened by how the Charlie brown basiball shirt has brought out the worst in people. From aggressive and derogatory comments on social media to politicians deliberately ignoring a democratic vote and deliberately sabotaging any chance of a proper Brexit. We will still be at the whims of the EU and it’s going to cost us billions of pounds for the privilege. What a fiasco and that’s got nothing to do with people voting for Brexit.

Charlie brown basiball shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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It’s down to an elected parliament, who cannot believe and refuse to implement what the people voted for. Those politicians who actively oppose the Charlie brown basiball shirt should be prosecuted for crimes against democracy. I completely agree with you. Far from uniting the country against the shirt and unelected oligarchy which is the EU superstate. It has made the UK turn in on itself.

Charlie brown basiball hoodie

I too now expect more insults to my intelligence whenever I express my point of view. The Charlie brown basiball shirt should have been about respecting democracy and willing cooperation between independent sovereign nations. The EU has taken that from us and many Eurozone states as well in particular. The vote to leave the EU is judgement day for all those politicians who sold us out without our consent. They are the ones who need to take responsibility, show leadership and do their job!


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