So someone messed up with the Chevrolet Sunflower shirt so they decided to launch a new range. It may be the right colour but the features make it look like a girl with a suntan. We are going to start admitting yet this diversity programme from the United Nations is a little fecked up. Needs a few tatts, gym wear with thongs and carrying a stubbie in one hand with a cigarette in the other.

Chevrolet Sunflower shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Chevrolet Sunflower tank top Chevrolet Sunflower sweater

If this looks like the Chevrolet Sunflower shirt then they’re hotter than I was given the impression they are. Just looks like your average Barbie but with brown skin and brown curly hair. No attention whatsoever paid to facial bone structure and body shape. If they really want to acknowledge and celebrate differences they need to stop being afraid of them.

Chevrolet Sunflower hoodie

They’re not afraid. They just don’t want to pay for it. You know how much more money the Chevrolet Sunflower shirt would cost to actually make new moulds for the different barbies. More profit to just alter the colour of the plastic or give them a different outfit. All they have ever done. I’m aware of that, but thanks. My point is that if they believed in the product it would be worth it.


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