The Chihuahuavengers Chihuahua shirt is founded on utilizing the best ideas of each culture. The term cultural appropriation being thrown around is, in fact, a term to push out the melting pot idea and wish to have segregation of cultures and ideas. Good job colleges for starting a trend of segregation that our media now runs with because it has a cool name.

Chihuahuavengers Chihuahua shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

Chihuahuavengers Chihuahua tanktop Chihuahuavengers Chihuahua sweater

It’s founded by killing native people and stealing their land. The startlingly ignorant hot garbage take on things. Your Chihuahuavengers Chihuahua shirt is a startlingly ignorant hot garbage take on reality. Cultural appropriation is a very real thing. Study the history of popular music in the country for an obvious example. Thanks for contributing zero to a conversation except for insults.

Chihuahuavengers Chihuahua hoodie

My early years were filled hearing white groups rake in the cash for music they took from African while the originators of that Chihuahuavengers Chihuahua shirt were left in poverty. It’s stealing when white musicians drew influence from the blues but ignore the fact that the blues drew influence from European folk. Plagiarizing someone else’s music is stealing, writing original music that draws influence from the music of the past is not.


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